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I DO NOT PREDICT THE FUTURE. I am an empath I can see, feel and sense what is in your energy and what is effecting you and surrounding you. I NEED YOUR FULL NAME AND PERMISSION to read you. The future is in your hands and it is your energy that creates your future. By telling you what I feel, sense and see what you are creating with your energy, I empower you to make different choices. In your reading guidance will be given to you, if needed, to help you change your energy πŸ•‰ πŸ™ I would love to tune into who You really are - your Real Energy and tell you your own True Wisdom. I have the ability to see your energy, ask your higher self questions and see what your heart and soul desires ❀️✨ There is no need to ask me a question, however I can give you more detailed information if you do. It is best if you ask me questions about you as you are who I am reading. I can tell if someone or something seems to be a good energy match for you. Opening up your energy and allowing me to see what is there can give you valuable insights into what you are creating. Simply send your full name and age and give me permission to read your energy - IMPORTANT I need your PERMISSION. I will share with you what I perceive πŸ˜€ I read from my heart so that I can be with yours ❀️. I can give you insights into your health and guidance of how to create healthier habits. The greatest prediction of your future is what your energy is doing now - By giving you insights into what you are doing with your energy now you can create the future you want 🌞 ✨ I have been able to read energy all my life πŸ‘ I have been offering professional readings for over 8 years, online, in person and over the phone. Open your mind and be guided by your hearts inner wisdom. Be born again 🐣 into your Real Energy β˜€οΈ πŸ•‰ ☯️ ❀️


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