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Thank you for your interest in placing an order with me. I will help you understand the things that are unclear to you. I will provide you with insight and understanding as to why there is distance in your relationship. What changed him from being kind and loving to distant and no connection. I will also tell you if someone is causing confusion. I will explain to you The whole situation and things that just dont add up. I will provide you With information of how he feels towards you. What he thinks of you. And most importantly what is going to happen in the Existing relationship. If you need to know where your relationship is heading. Should you move on or not ? Should I reach out to him or do I wait until he reaches out to me? Will he ever reach out to me? Do I need to confront him? Does he love me? When will there be intimacy? When will he confess love? Did I do something wrong?. Why did he ghost me? 🔴 I do not answer questions about 🔴pregnancies. 🔴 I do not give legal advice. 🔴 I will only answer two questions per reading. 🔴Keep in mind that time frames change as life events change. 🔴 I am very privilege that you’re coming to me to seek my Insight. I am going to tell you the truth on whatever energy that comes to me whether it’s good or bad so it is very unfair for you to be upset with me for telling you the truth. ❌❌WHEN PLACING A VIDEO ORDER YOU CAN ASK ONLY 2 QUISTIONS IN THE QUISTIONS SECTION OF THE VIDEO ORDER. Please make the order as short as possible. I will only answer one question in the comments section. I specialize in matters after a break up. What does he/she feel? Has he/she moved on? Will he/ she make contact ?. i can also confirm if there is a third party involved causing confusion. Just provide name or date of birth. Is it really over ? Are thay with some one else ?. I also advise on Family Matters. family guidance. will answer questions in family situations. also be advised that the comment section is just to answer one or two questions.NOT TO FINISH THE READING!. if you continue to have questions you have to continue the reading. example you cannot pay for 5 minutes and then go to the comment section expecting to finish the reading. if you go to the comments section and ask multiple questions I will only respond to one or two questions as the comments section is for clarification only thank you for your understanding.


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