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🌙 Spiritual & Psychic Consultations ✨ Press the button to get notified if you’d like to be made aware of when I’m online! 😘 Hi there! I’m S A R A N G E L I C A 🌖 Spiritual Ally/ Consultant; Psychic; Intuitive Healer, Medium, Tarot Maven, Recovery Ally/ Guide, Intuitive Astrologer, Reiki Master & Transformational Guide…🐍 Reach out to establish a connection, for once we connect it never breaks and I’ll remember you! ♾️✨ My SPECIALTY is LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS of all and ANY kind. ESPECIALLY with yourself, the most important one! 🌹 I offer psychic insights with practical wisdom & spiritual highlights in our sessions. A main focus of mine is life path; personal enlightenment, transformative healing + cultivating consious spirited living. If you’d like, I can certainly advise you to help navigate the times that have you questioning things. If it matters to you, seek no further! I specialize in the heartfelt & human condition, the raw & the real. ❤️‍🔥 🌙 ✨ I am very sensitive in general but also about the services I provide here so I do not stay logged in 24/7. I do need lots of solitude & rest to be able to be ‘ON.’ I refuse to burn out because I want you to have the best possible experience! If I’m online and you call, you will get it 😇 🌹On Love: I just have a knack for reading energies on this. I can articulate the energies✨ Allow me to tune into whatever’s in your heart…just ask! Heart to heart! But don’t hurt me bro - shoot the messenger (that’s me) 😙✨ Let go & Let’s go! Insight to the journey awaits ✨ 🪷 What I do bite-size version: *🪷 I dive in. I go deep! Experienced with proven accuracy - (Previous top accuracy 2 yrs straight) 6 yrs here *🪷 Insight into your world & the unseen world to bring your insights to light *🪷 Messages from Spirit, spirit guides & loved ones too 💫 Seeing into specific areas of love and life matters is what I do! …I am personal ...I am known for DETAILS...👁 ...I SPECIALIZE in unraveling the intricate nature of personal matters. Be it love or whatever it is that’s holding you back in life, I can help you find the message in the “mess.” Guided by Spirit, Tarot and Astrology, I’ll help you understand your inquiry & complexities in ways that make sense. My own psychic awareness along with the intuitive arts of Astrology & Tarot began 30 years ago and the path continues to unfold. No psychic holier-than-thou mumbo-jumbo nonsense talk here as I’ll articulate the messages so that they resonate with you and steer our reading wisely & compassionately so that you too can see - I meet you where you’re at. Things obscure & nonsensical are made more clear as I walk you through the unseen and show you around the energetic landscape. I don’t just tell you how it is, I can help you to navigate further if you so wish. I am very personable and genuine on this path as this is not a trend for me. It has taken me a lifetime of awakening to be of service with my sensitivities. I am one who stays curious! I am honored you may trust me as your reader ✨ Thank you so much in advance! Please remember that I am not a machine and that I genuinely care to help. ❤️❤️❤️ If you love your readings or find them helpful, please leave a review & share your experience! These absolutely make a difference! Remember, hard yet necessary truths don’t always feel good, but a little heart & tact go a long way - both ways. 📿 🌙 Specialties included but not limited to: 🌗 Love & Relationships 🌑 Career & Purpose 🌔 Spiritual Guidance 🌒 NEW: Mediumship: The departed…Messages from the Otherside..Angel & Spirit Guide Messages 🌓 Personal Empowerment 🌘 Recovery & Healing Energy Insights 🌒 Dream analysis 🌑 Moon Insights & Rituals for Alignment 🌕 Meditation Methods 🌓 Transformation & Abundance Manifestation 🌖 Astrology & Tarot Insights 🌒 Numerology 🌕 Karma & Karmic Ties 🌔 Energetic Spiritual Hygiene 🦚🦚 BIG PICTURE OFFERS 🦚🦚 🦚 1 month Energy Trending Cosmic-Cast: Personal & Potential Energies at play 🦚 Personalized New & Full Moon Energy Snapshot: Illuminations for you in particular 🦚 Oracle Reading: Messages from Spirit 🌙 READING GUIDELINES : 🙏 🕉 HOW TO ORDER: BE specific- 🦚 Who / What: Who or what are we talking about? 🦚 When: When this situation occurred or you last spoke to a person you’re inquiring about 🦚 Why: Why are you seeking me out? 🤍 NO “tell me what you see” without giving me context / info. about your situation. No general. These vague & general requests get general answers. ✨IF a GENERAL READING is what you actually want, then yes I can read on the general energies trending for you. Understand this though, these are like energetic weather forecasts 🤍 NO guaranteed timeframes …do not put pressure on this please 🙏🏼❤️‍🔥 ☸️ CHAT - 1 topic or 1 person at a time. I do connect fast. ✅ Tryouts: Please be respectful and add more time if you have more questions after it ends. I put my heart & soul in it regardless, just like any other reading✨ 🔥RUSH & 24 VIDEOS🔥 2-3 questions about a specific person/situation per video. I intuitively answer more. ☸️ I clarify in the comments - at least 1 message - unless it is SALE day & super busy - then I cannot guarantee it but often I include more clarification as I am very giving in this way if time allows so please be respectful to keep in mind - It is not to continue the reading and not for NEW questions. It is to help clarify the reading we just did 😚 🩸 ATTN: mediumship readings! AT THIS TIME READ CAREFULLY: These cannot be rushed. Please communicate & cooperate in engaged Live session with me 🙏 🧿PLEASE - No mentioning of magic, illegal stuff or spells. This is against policy. I do not read on the following topics: NO QUESTIONS ON: *JOB INTERVIEWS *TEST EXAMS *PREGNANCY *MEDICAL or LEGAL *NO TIMEFRAMES *NO PSYCHIC TESTING The process is a flow. Alas, I am NOT a machine (thank ze Gods!), yet I flow in connection pretty good 😇 Please be kind 🙏 🌓 🌬I take each reading very seriously and trust that I will resonate with you. 🙏🏼 ✨Lastly but not least, thank you for coming to me and trusting me for a reading. May I kindly remind you that I will do my best, please do not leave me a negative review✨


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