Mandy G.

Psychic Medium
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About my services

Providing psychic medium readings about your relationships, career and life path. You will receive specific insights about your time line and how long it will take you to find "the one." I have been known to bring through a description of your soulmate, before you meet them (so you'll recognize them when you meet). People commonly receive guidance from me about: *Whether true love is in sight *If you are hitting a brick wall in your current relationship, whether to stay or go *If you are single and dating and want to know more *When you will get a great career and how much money is in store for you *When more money will come in *How many kids and their sex *Name and description related to love interest *What type of work you should focus on, what your soul path wants *Whether you should go back to school or not *Which major is in alignment with you *When your career will start *Whether you will receive a promotion or not and how much *I will also bring through loved ones who have your best interest at heart, including deceased loved ones, angels and guides I receive messages by seeing, hearing and feeling and I work with your angels and guides to help you get back on track! I am very honest about your relationships, career and path and will let you know if you are headed in the wrong direction or right direction. If you are at a crossroads or feeling confused about what to do next, then I can help. Over the years, I have been blessed to see many people go thru breakups (which were hard) and then because they were brave enough to let go of a bad job or relationship, the one I see for them comes in! I've also had clients confirm the babies I have seen for them! My goal is to help you access your most fun, rewarding and fulfilling life ever. I will offer the guidance and you can take the steps to make this happen!


Angel insights, Psychic readings, Love readings

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