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✨LIVE VIDEO CHAT AVAILABLE!✨ 💬LIVE TEXT CHAT AVAILABLE💬 Via Purple Garden I highly recommend live video and live text chat, to receive a more detailed in-depth personal session. Personal session will provide more clarity and advice to open your path to more happiness. 🌕. 🌕 ✨ Spiritual Healing Regiment✨ (Only available during live video) Service highly recommended to those whom are experiencing depression, loneliness, anxiety. ✨Healing has the ability to release all negative barriers, energy toxins from love/life path Clairvoyant and Spiritual Healer Bella A., Welcomes all to you our light. It is great joy that I greet you to this site and share the work that I do with you. I am an intuitive energetic healer and clairvoyant with over 15 years of experience. My mission in life is to help others with their own unique balancing healing and inner transformation through the intregration of the body, mind, and spirit. I have the ability to help facilitate you on your path towards a deeper and more for filling life. I have many years of extensive experience helping people unveil the treasures with it. My readings are filled with compassion and or inspirational and healing. I have the ability to bring clarity to any situation in your life. ⭐️Please review my service with an open mind and heart. If I mention a time frame of when potential of growth/change is coming, be open and keep your heart positive and pure to manifest my timeframe predicted⭐️ 🙏🏻We have the ability to block our blessings by not being open! I will intuitively tell you if your blocking blessings and help guide you spiritually to undo what is closed! You need to be OPEN to fulfill this guidance 🙏🏻 Intuitive Relationship Specialist Are you tired of being alone? Or feel like you met the right one but you're confused? Any one of my readings will answer all your most urgent questions. I can help provide you with guidance to reunite any relationship, or help you find your twin-flame/soulmate. ‼️Most clients are unwilling to wait for things to unfold and unfortunately that isn't something I can help with. If you cannot wait to see how things unfold and to focus on positive vibrations until then... possibly that's the lesson your spirit guides want you to learn. If I feel this person, job, or anything you're asking me isn't destined nor positive for you I will simply tell you. If I intuitively tell you there is changes, more to come and growth in whatever your question maybe please be open and allow my time frame to potentially come to pass. ( Unfair to leave negative reviews based on a event that wasn't even asked ) ‼️


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