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💜 I spend most of my time on Purple Garden if you haven’t seen me on Purple Ocean for a while. I recommend putting your settings to see ALL advisors wih ALL price ranges when looking for me on Purple Garden 🪴 💜 🔮 I also recommend turning on notifications for my profile so you receive an alert 🚨 🔔 when I am available for Purple Ocean and Purple Garden 🪴. • I use divination tools such as tarot, oracle cards, and sometimes pendulum. • I predict in a step by step way. For example: if you’re single, asking when you will be married is not the next step, the next step would be meeting someone or a relationship. The next step to your goal is the focus I will predict. 💯 I shuffle my cards live on camera for authenticity with every reading. If that is something you do not prefer please choose another reader. ❤️ 🦋Remember future is not set in stone, energy is always changing and evolving through your choices, emotions, and beliefs. 🦋 ‼️2 QUESTIONS ONLY For Purple Ocean Video Requests⚜️ I will not be answering new questions in the comments. Or you may choose a 3 month forecast ON 1 TOPIC !!!!! ‼️ if you choose a forecast 1 topic only! It is more general and does not focus on a specific question. 📆 Loving Reminder: (forecasts are always going to be more general than a reading on specific questions ✨) 📆 How the forecast works: ❕ Think of it like a Tarotscope when cards are used , but not always involving astrology because I am not an astrologer ❕ The forecast is highlighted information of what you need to know not what you want to know. • It won’t cover every single thing that happens. • It is NOT on specific questions. •Let it play out, DO NOT try and figure it out now it will make sense in time. (WITH AN OPEN HEART AND MIND 💜🩷) •Listen to or read it at the start and end of each month to see how it played out for you and your life. New Service Alert 🚨 : ‼️THE OVERLOOK. This can apply to a week, a month, or a year which includes the over all energy of the beginning, middle, and end of your choice in one of the time frame options listed above . For example: “What can I expect this year?” ‼️ ♥️ NO NEW QUESTIONS IN THE COMMENTS SO BE SURE TO INCLUDE THE QUESTIONS YOU WANT ANSWERED IN THE ORDER TO BE COVERED IN THE VIDEO ORDER BEFORE IT IS COMPLETED. 🗓 Now offering the 3 month forecast on Purple Garden as well. Please read forecast description above. ✨If on a Purple Garden chat reading please send one question and allow me to answer first before sending a new one. I WILL ONLY COVER WHAT TIME ALLOWS ON PURPLE GARDEN ☺️ ⏰ I channel time frames but they are not specific dates and are not set in stone. Energy is always changing. 📆 If you previously had a forecast please Do not request a new one on the same topic until the first forecast has come to completion. ✨✨Read my profile in full to see what can and cannot be answered! ✨✨🎥 🌙I offer dream analysis. If chosen the reading will be on the dream analysis only. No additional questions ☁️ ‼️Please read in full all information and guidelines below before ordering with me!!!‼️ I DO USE TOOLS TAROT CARDS, ORACLE CARDS, PENDULUM 💉No medical questions please. (Including the topic of pregnancy) 💉 🛑 • No legal questions 🛑 - I DO NOT SEE SPECIFICS FOR EXAMPLE (exact dates, locations, appearance, exact career position, names, initials or ethnic background) 🛑 - my readings are meant to empower you with the information and allow you to make a choice not make the choice for you! ❗️ I will not tell you if someone is “the one” or “meant” because only you can decide that for yourself. I can look into the connection and you can make your choice from there. ❗️ ♥️ I do not subscribe to the twin flame concept as many believe it to be, however i am happy to look into the dynamics of your connection.


Dream analysis, Psychic readings, Tarot readings

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