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• I use tarot and oracle cards. •Pendulum by request only. • My preference is to read energy for near future, meaning up to one years time on the situation or topic (between now and one year). • I predict in a step by step way. For example: if you’re single, asking when you will be married is not the next step, the next step would be meeting someone or a relationship. The next step to your goal is the focus I will predict. 💯 I shuffle my cards live on camera for authenticity with every reading. If that is something you do not prefer please choose another reader. ❤️ 🦋Remember future is not set in stone, energy is always changing and evolving through your choices, emotions, and beliefs. 🦋 ‼️2 QUESTIONS ONLY ⚜️ Per video order to be submitted before the order is delivered not to be added in comments later. (When asking about multiple people each person is the equivalent of 1 question. So 2 people are 2 questions) Or you may choose a 3 month forecast ON 1 TOPIC !!!!! ‼️ (it’s similar to the feeling of a horoscope with the use of tarot/oracle cards it doesn’t focus on questions) if you choose a forecast 1 topic only! It is more general and does not focus on a specific question. 📆 How the forecast works: The forecast is highlighted information of what you need to know not what you want to know. • It won’t cover every single thing that happens in a month. • It is NOT on specific questions. •Let it play out, DO NOT try and figure it out now it will make sense in time. •Listen to it at the start and end of each month to see how it played out for you and your life. New Service Alert 🚨 : ‼️THE OVERLOOK. This can apply to a week, a month, or a year which includes the over all energy of the beginning, middle, and end of your choice in one of the time frame options listed above . For example: “What can I expect this year?” ‼️ ♥️ NO NEW QUESTIONS IN THE COMMENTS SO BE SURE TO INCLUDE THE QUESTIONS YOU WANT ANSWERED IN THE ORDER TO BE COVERED IN THE VIDEO ORDER BEFORE IT IS COMPLETED. 🗓 Now offering the 3 month forecast on Purple Garden as well. Please read forecast description above. ✨If on a chat reading please send one question at a time and allow me to answer first before sending a new one. ☺️ ⏰ I channel time frames but they are not specific dates and are not set in stone. Energy is always changing. 📆 If you previously had a forecast please Do not request a new one on the same topic until the first forecast has come to completion. ✨✨Read my profile in full to see what can and cannot be answered! ✨✨🎥 🌙I offer dream analysis. If chosen the reading will be on the dream analysis only. No additional questions ☁️ 🚪 I do offer past life readings 🚪 ‼️Please read in full all information and guidelines below before ordering with me!!!‼️ I DO USE TOOLS TAROT CARDS, ORACLE CARDS, PENDULUM 💉No medical questions please. (Including the topic of pregnancy) 💉 🛑 No twin flame readings 🛑 • No legal questions ✨ I WILL NOT ANSWER MORE THAN 2 QUESTIONS PER ORDER. For example will he/she return and if so when count as 2 questions on there own. NO NEW QUESTIONS IN THE COMMENTS SO BE SURE TO INCLUDE THE QUESTIONS YOU WANT ANSWERED IN THE ORDER WITH THE ORDER. If you ask 1 question in the order I will assume you only wanted one question answered NO NEW QUESTIONS IN COMMENTS AT ALL FOLLOW UP ORDER REQUIRED FOR NEW QUESTIONS! - I DO NOT SEE SPECIFICS FOR EXAMPLE (exact dates, locations, appearance, exact career position, names, initials or ethnic background) - my readings are meant to empower you with the information and allow you to make a choice not make the choice for you! ❗️ I will not tell you if someone is “the one” or “meant” because only you can decide that for yourself. I can look into the connection and you can make your choice from there. ❗️


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