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Through Oracle cards and Angel cards, psychic visions and intuition, guidance and messages are provided to assist you on your path. By doing a reading with my cards and with you choosing which area of your life we will focus upon, I will work with you to determine what answer the message brings (at times the reading focus may shift to what is the most important thing for you at this time). Armed with this information, you will then feel better equipped to determine your best way forward. And yes… on occasion, I have had people come through who have passed to the"other side". Only they can choose if they come through and what they decide to address. I will only give what I get, as integrity is very important to me. I have an excellent track record with past and present clients for accuracy and helping to gain clear direction for the next steps in life. Each reading is different, as each person’s needs are different. Some call it "psychic", I prefer to call it "intuitive". Whatever you call it…that’s what I do, share the gift for which I am so grateful. Shine some light on your situation today by having a reading that is just for YOU!!!πŸ’« If something isn't clear, then please do follow up in messages!!! Please do not leave negative reviews just because the answer isn't one you like. I read the cards as I see them and also give my intuitive impressions. If you do not understand the reading, simply ask for clarification and I will be very happy to explain what is meant. Leaving angry reviews before asking to have something answered or explained doesn't help anyone. I'm here to help, so allow me the opportunity to explain if it's not understood or answer what you feel is unanswered. I will respond in messages afterward, to a limit of 4 follow up responses to clarify what I have said in the reading. Beyond that, please respect the guidelines and place a new order. Thank you for your understanding and valuing my time as I value yours. πŸ’– As per policies, we can not offer response to pregnancy and other medical questions. Many Blessings to all. πŸ’œ


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