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Hello And welcome I’m here to be a messenger to help you better understand the calling that has been placed of your life. Using my God given discernment, Jesus decks of cards, prayer cards, and daily scripture! When or if he or she is going to call is not a question I can answer. The question you should be asking yourself is if this person, place or situation aligning with the calling placed on my life and future. Is this person baring good fruit? Do you have true discernment? Who are you in Christ? How do I start to follow God? ——————————————————— 📖Biblical life coach. 🙏🏼Prayer warrior. ✝️Scripture based. ❤️THIS IS A SAFE SPACE❤️ Please feel free to be open about: * LGBTQ * Emotional pain * Anxiety or depression * Affairs or cheating * Grief * Sadness * Spiritual warfare


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