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🌟 STAFF PICK 2020, 2022, 2023 🎩 Rated TOP ACCURACY 2022- 2004 ———————————————————— 🔮 Fulltime Purple Ocean Advisor 🦋 Spirit Led Life Coach 🍎 Educator ‼️READ BEFORE ORDERING.‼️ I DO NOT answer any comments in the comment section. Ask ☝🏾 (one) question at a time and allow me to answer first before asking the next question because I need time to throughly answer each question. Please note, I need atleast 1 minute to answer the last question. NO GENERAL READINGS. NO ⏱️ TIME FRAMES! NOT Currently doing Medium readings. I don’t use any tools (tarot, oracle…) 🎥 3 questions in a video reading. ————————————————————— Personal Mission: May my gifts be a gift to help others live a Spirit Led Life. ………………………………………………………………… There are some things you CAN control, and some things you Can’t. I can help guide you in areas that are within your control. I love working with clients who are ready or atleast open to making change. I provide insight and guidance to help you along your spiritual path and journey. It’s up to you to do the work because your input and effort is required to make the changes you desire. 🚫NO MEDICAL including pregnancy, parternity 🚫NO LEGAL questions. 🚫No Lottery questions. 🚫In addition to this, I don’t provide time frames. 🚫No readings on witchcraft, spells 🚫 Do not provide the following about a POI or future partner: - When and where you will meet them - How they look (features or race, ethnicity, nationality) - Their zodiac sign - Where they live - Names or initials I ONLY pick up energy and characteristics about the person. 🚫 I no longer respond to any questions in the comment section. Ask all questions during your reading. I will only respond to questions during the reading. So give me time to respond. I’ll answer additional questions in a new reading. 🚫Please note, according to Purple Ocean Policy we are unable to answer questions related to DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. We recommend contacting the National Domestic Violence Hotline: https://www.thehotline.org/get-help/. 🚫 Purple Ocean prohibits disclosure of personal information. This includes but not limited to phone numbers, addresses, email and social media pages. 🚨If you are in a medical or life emergency? Please contact your local authorities!🚨


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