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To all beautiful souls, Lovely connecting with you. For rush hour and 24 hours only 2-3 quesuons maximum as that allows me time to look into depth and answer it cleary. I specialise in intuitive tarot readings angel readings & a manifesting coach and psychic readings. My areas of expertise are : 💕 Love & Relationships 💕soulmate and twinflame connections 🌼 Career & job 🌻 Business & finances 🌸 Family & Friend 🌺 Travel 😇Angel reading ✡️ Spiritual & manifesting coach You will hear from me honest reading and probably not what you want to hear but what you need to hear but in a very compassionate way so I am not god please be kind that I am just delivering message that comes in your reading and I can’t make things happen for you. ✨If you want to do live video reading or live voice with me; I am available on request. Come in the chat, ask quickly and I will come online for you. ✨ ✨ Reading Requirements: names, DOB & specific questions & current situation and no hiding the details more clear you are about ur situation reading will be that clear. 🌸🌸 Time Frame 🌸🌸 — I do provide time frame when it comes but It indeed can shift with situaiton your free will and exteral factors .. ✨If you do want me to suggest you any remedies and manifestation tool you can ask for the same in your reading. ✨ ❌❌ No medical and law suit related questions and no pregnancy related questions and no general readings. Only one clarification quesiosn in 24 hours and live readings and dont leave negative review because I could not reply. I am able to tap into past present and future with the help of my cards and give you accurate and honest predictions & guidance 👉I guide with meditation and spiritual tools to manifest your desires and wishes. I mentor and guide with my own knowledge that I am certified in & learnt through the years, that has personally worked for me & as well as my clients. ❎ Don’t ask same questions again and again because you are yourself playing with your own energies and free will. ❎❎❎ if my readings are not manifesting. Please dont come for several readings.


Psychic readings, Love readings, Tarot readings

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