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👁 Hi, please keep your notifications on to find me online, apologies, will be available as when I can, so. Looking forward to connect. Thank you. Just wanted to let you all know I have been updating and learning new skills and knowledge. Also my tarot reading has gotten better. To be a humble seeker is a key to a intuitive’s journey. I offer readings from a combination of 3 different kinds of tarot deck, so I am able to offer more accurate insight & predictions, precise guidance. Specialise in ➖Intuitive Tarot Reading ➖Numerology ➖Spiritual Guide ➖Meditation & Yoga ➖Lifestyle Coach ➖Breathwork ➖Remedies : prayers, mantras, meditation & more, you can do shift your situation. Areas I specialise in ➖Relationship reading ➖Career and finances ➖Family and friends ➖Travel & spiritual guidance ➖Heath I can offer tips in yoga and diet. (Not a medical doctor) I’m launching my numerology reading; It’s a detailed reading and will offer insight on your life map. I will also offer in your reading the solutions you can do to balance your numbers so it can help you in a smoother flow of life. It will require 20-40 mins approx. (Will offer this type of reading only on voice or video. So you know what exactly I’m doing. (It can’t be typed in chat or 3 mins video). Will be taking this form of session (numerology) on appointment basis. ✡️👁 Note : I give advised based readings, I won’t be predicting too far ahead future, cause the future depends on many factors, your karma, your energy, and how you choose to change your future with your thoughts, words and deeds (karma) and law of manifestation. Only if you connect with this please come, things really work out when we take the advise and work on shifting your life. Cards are not god nor am I god, I’m only revealing guidance that is coming through from them and what paths can unfold and how you can use this for a better life and better path ahead. I have been growing and evolving and learning new spiritual insights & discovering new gifts. Time frame are based on free will energy, so I will try my best to guide you on it. Don’t sweat on time. It can change depending on how you change your own energy. The reason in this change is due to recent learning. The divine is more powerful. I see my purpose is more to create a mental, physical and spiritual well being. I will guide through my cards itself, but it will be more rounded with intuition and guidance. Thanks for being open. Only if you connect with this please come for a reading. I genuinely want to create a difference in your life. Move you towards a path of love and peace and joy. Thank you sincerely. ⭐️I always answer all FOLLOW up questions; if I take time is due to because I am either finishing readings or sleeping ( different time zone) or not working in those hours & out. Due to inflow of readings I’m getting these days I’m trying my best to answer all. Please be kind & patient. ⭐️For videos & chat I answer only limited follow up questions. So ask everything in the session. Quick to reply and don't waste time. ☘️ ➖I use tools to read. I work with specific clear questions. Can help you with framing the questions ➖please don't do guessing games and tell me honestly what your situation is, so you can be accurately guided. ➖Don't ask same question which you just had a reading on in messages, that means your not trusting the guidance. Clarifications will be answered, not same questions. ➖I intent to help and also help you manifest the desired life meant for you with all the tools I can share with you. ➖expect honest and straight forward reading. Only the truth will be delivered 🧿 I see a lot of you sweat a lot on time frames, I will do my best. Need to know that a lot depends on your energy and the Energy of your situation. Things change on how you change and so does time. Also time in the time space quantum is very different and that does effect our lives, as we are all connected. So rather focus on shifting your inner self and focusing within. Helps your own time frame. ✨ Please come only if you want to listen to the truth and guidance that comes through. I won’t be sugar coating. I will only guide you to the truth revealed to me in the reading. I am going to exactly share what the cards reveal. Please come back only if you connect. I will advise meditation and I am certified meditation guide, I can guide you to the one that suits you and your life in this moment. The power is within you. It does help you change your life. Readings are only information, the rest depends on you. Solution should be the focus. Moving forward in your life through the ebbs and flow, with grace is the key. Trust the divine, miracles do happen✨ I truly believe we create our own life and we are spiritual being in a physical form..The answers are within you. I am just going to be a guidance tool channelling that. You can shift your life situation through meditation and looking within and prayers. 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸 I read with my tarot deck and what they reveal; so please give me your specific questions and specific situation before asking me to read. I don’t do psychic readings; for those you have other amazing psychics here please reach out to them. If you had a reading before please give a update again and what’s going before itself. Don’t test me. I don’t remember readings; cause we read for so many individuals 🙏 Timeframe are broad; due to freewill. Don’t keep asking the same question, let it unfold before you come back, cause otherwise your not trusting. ✨ 🧿I am not a psychic, I am a guide, intuitive and I read with tools, so please give me names and clear specific questions and not just general questions if your looking for clarity . My cards will reveal all the clarity your looking for💫 **Note: my time frame are always given in for eg: 2 days to 2 weeks to 2 months, whatever number your card reveals. Usually seen that it happens sooner. Due to free will no one can be specific. Time can change if your anxious or not centered in your energy.🧿 ♥️love is unconditional, when you discover who are; find peace & joy within you first, believe in yourself, everything you want will find you! ♥️ 🔥💫If you believe in it you will see it. We need to trust ourselves more and have intention to help or serve each other in the best way we can. Love given always comes back multifold times 💫🧿


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