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Hi all beautiful beings, ☀️ Thank you for choosing me 🌺 TIME SCHEDULE FOR JUNE 🌸 IST TIME ZONE WEEKDAYS : MON TO FRI : 3 am - 6 am ist : 8.30 am - 10 am : 11.30 am - 1 pm : 2.30 pm - 4.45 pm : 7.30 pm - 9.30 pm WEEKEND : SAT & SUN Available much through the day, keep notifications on. Thank you 🌸🙏✨ ‼️‼️ Important ‼️‼️ ❌ No legal or medical or investments or pregnancy questions please. ❌ Recent negative reviews; I only reveal what your tarot shows me honestly. I don’t believe in giving false hopes. It’s important to let the reading play out. ❌ I request clients please do not leave your personal details such as your contact number, email id or social media. Any such behaviour from now on will be reported to the admin. I won’t be reading for them again. Its against the policy of the platform. ‼️ ‼️ 🔯Disclaimer🔮 For legal reasons I must state that readings are provided for self-actualization and self healing purposes only, and are never intended to substitute for legal, medical or other professional. * I will not make any predictions concerning medical issues / pregnancy / lottery/Investment / speculation / legal. * I will not make any predictions concerning physical death. ‼️ ✨Thank you beautiful clients for showering all the love and faith you have showed in me. Thank you for appreciating my work. I appreciate you ✨💕 Thank you for connecting with me and taking the time to read my profile. My readings are a powerful mode of self-learning that help my clients connect with their higher self for understanding and guidance. I am just a tool channelling the inner guidance your higher self is revealing. I am committed to maintaining personal excellence for the benefit of my clients. 🔮Important Note : I am not god / just a tool channelling the guidance that comes through, if you do not choose to follow the guidance, and decide to use your own free will to change your path / decision the readings will change. Also when you read for another person remember they also have their own freewill, that do shift readings. Also I give time frame based on current energy, your free will and your own energy effects a shift in the time frame. If you use your own freewill it’s not my fault. Only if you understand this please come for a reading with me✨ These readings are offered in a caring, supportive manner, but what you choose to do with them is up to you. Remember, you always have the power to affect your own destiny. 🔯Intuitive Tarot 🔮 Intuitive readings offer practical, intuitive and ethical readings which aim to give you a vision of the future and a clearer idea of where you are now, how your actions impact on your present situation, and what you might do to find answers to your questions and move forwards to a better future. I use a combination of 3 different tarot decks along with my intuition to give you accurate insight & predictions and precise guidance. ( Note; I offer intuitive - advice based predictions with spiritual tools such as Tarot cards. ) 🧿 Areas I specialise is in Relationship reading, Career and Finances, Friends and Family Travel and spiritual guidance ☘️ 🔯Reading requirements 🔮 For tarot readings I would require just the name and an update on your current situation fully. Then mention your specific questions. I give advice based predictions, (not a psychic ) so please do focus on the advice. * I will answer all follow up questions, due to inflow of readings, please be patient and kind. * The follow up for live orders, is limited, due to to time constraints on the platform. (Since it only has a 2 hour window) If I haven’t responded is either I’m or sleeping or out. I will always get to it as soon I’m on it. Thank you 🔯Time Frame 🔮 I offer broad time frame based on the number the cards reveal. For example if I got the number 3, then it would be 3 days to 3 weeks to 3 months time or 3 years. Time frame can definitely change due to your own freewill and your own emotions effect the situation. Try not to sweat too much on timeframes! I believe miracles do happen! 🔯Spiritual Help & Guidance🔮 The spiritual guidance comes from a space of all the knowledge and gifts I have learnt & studied over the years and certified in them. But please remember, I do not promote superstition/spells. 🔯Honesty & Integrity 🔮 I will be clear about what my readings can and cannot do for you. I will respond to all questions to the best of my ability with as much detail and honest information as I can responsibly provide. I will not answer questions that I do not believe I am capable of answering. I will adhere to strict ethical or moral codes. I choose with the intention that it be for your highest good. I will always admit when I am not able to answer a client’s question I reserve the right to refuse to read for a client whom I can’t connect, and to give the best of my ability to guide them correctly and to support as much as I can. I have the same rights of terminating a reading if a client makes me feel uncomfortable. 🔯Empowerment🔮 I will emphasize the power that my clients have to create the future they desire. I will be encouraging and try to leave my clients with a sense of renewed strength and hope. I will encourage my clients to become emotionally independent. 🔯Privacy & Confidentiality🔮 Intuitive readings are not casual conversations. In order to garner and retain client trust I will never reveal what a client tells me in an intuitive reading to any third party. All written and verbal communication with a client will be kept sacred and in complete confidence. 🔯Competency & Expertise🔮 I will only provide information which comes from my personal intuition, using tools and techniques which I have studied and mastered to a professional level. 🔯Respect and Compassion🔮 I work with great honor and respect that I welcome people from all spiritual paths, all religious backgrounds, ethnic heritages and cultures, regardless of sexual preference or personal background. I come from a place of non-judgment, compassion, and sensitivity during every reading nor push upon you any religious belief system. I always give my full attention to my clients in order that I can fully understand and appreciate your questions. With grace and peace, ♥️love is unconditional, when you discover who are; find peace & joy within you first, believe in yourself, everything you want will find you! ♥️ 🔥💫If you believe in it you will see it. We need to trust ourselves more and have intention to help or serve each other in the best way we can. Love given always comes back multifold times 💫🧿


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