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⭐️Spirit led Astrology and Tarot⭐️ 🌞🌸Welcome and thank you for visiting. It is lovely to connect with you. With the blessing of spirit, it is my hope to help you co create a life of clarity, peace and love. 🍀🌻I am a certified Astrologer with the Nightlight Astrology School, and have been practicing Astrology since 2010. I connect with and read the Tarot intuitively and I am also able to help with Akashic Records Clearings and Reiki healing. 💜🧡It is my aim to offer you honest, accurate and compassionate readings that can help you to actualise your life’s greatest potential and gifts. 🌞🌜I am trained in, and combine Modern Archetypal Astrology with Traditional Astrology divination and predictive techniques. My readings are a unique blend of grounded technical skill and intuitive guidance. 🌈The Astrology readings I offer include ⭐️Expert Relationship Reading and Guidance : Using Synastry and Composite charts to understand relationship dynamics and purpose. ⭐️Clear answers to questions using Horary Astrology, and/or Tarot, depending on the situation and questions asked. ⭐️Natal Chart Readings to understand Life Purpose, Life Path, Career, Money and Relationship signatures and potentials. ⭐️Forecast Readings using techniques including Progressions, Transits, Solar Returns to help you best chart the unfolding future. ⭐️Relocational Astrology : Requires an accurate birth time to determine where you will best thrive locationally. 💕I look forward to connecting with you. Bright Blessings.💕 ✨ I am happy to answer up to 2 clarifying questions in comments. No new questions in comments please call to follow up.


Tarot readings, Astrology & Horoscopes, Love readings

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