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✨👁✨ Reese "Tell You Like It Is" – Your Honest Psychic Guide  ✨👁✨ LGBTQIA+ 🏳️‍🌈 safe space. Card Readings, Clairvoyant Insight, Empathic Connection, Angelic Channeling. Tired of mind games and ready for empowering, no-BS clarity? I'll guide you to the heart of the matter, help you break toxic patterns, and unleash your true potential.  Truth might sting, but I'm here to help you heal and thrive! What I Deliver: 🗝️Love & Relationship Analysis (Is he the one? Is she honest? 🗝️Career & Decision Guidance (Which path is right for me?) 🗝️Timing Predictions (With a realistic, flexible approach) What to Expect: 🗝️Honest, compassionate readings  – the good, the bad, and the "work on this now 🗝️ Insight for healing and growth, not just fleeting predictions ✨👁️🔮✨ I'm Reese (she/her), a Certified Angel Medium and Mentor (IAAP). In 2012, battling addictions and trauma, I was ready to give up on my life. But a profound spiritual awakening gave me the strength to rise and reclaim my life. Now, I channel my hard-won insights to guide you through your darkness. Let's unearth your hidden truths, embrace your power, and ignite the transformation you crave. 🦋🔮Click that ORDER button and step into the extraordinary destiny that awaits you. 🔮🦋 Note on Predictions: I believe in your power to shape your future! My forecasts show predominant energies and likely outcomes, with the understanding that your choices and external factors can always shift the tide.  Let's navigate what's ahead together. Tags: love readings,  LGBTQIA+ relationships, infidelity, breakups, decision-making, clarity, psychic guidance, truth-seeking


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