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✨👁✨ Also known as Reese The Honest. Reese The Waymaker. Reese "Tell You Like It Is" Welcome siblings of all creeds! LGBTQIA 🏳️‍🌈 safe. When you're sick of mind games, including your own mind's games and looking for ✨truthful guidance✨ that will never lead you astray and done compassionately for your own highest good 🌳🌞 🃏Card Reader. 🔮Clairvoyant Seer. 💕Empath. 😇 Angelic Channel Get you a psychic coach who wants you to thrive -- by cutting away all the BS. 👋 Boy, bye. Truth hurts, but this psychic does not want you wasting years of your life on a toxic relationship... 🎶✨✨You're meant for MORE. and I'LL SHOW YOU what's in store!✨✨🎶 ⏰ Timing questions. When will I find love? 🧠 Feeling and thought questions. What does he think of me, does he? Is he honest? ⚔️What should I do, How do I make a decision? Fork in the road questions. ❤️Honest, tough love guidance from the Universe and your Guides. 🔮🦋 Click that ORDER button and guess no more!! 🦋🔮 -- I’m 🔮🦋Reese (she/her) the Truth-teller. Allow my YEARS of Psychic and Life Coaching expertise to help you live with PEACE of mind and heart! I may look young, but my soul is old. ✨ You dont have to keep falling for the wrong one, you don't have to keep making the same mistakes. As long as your heart and mind are open to listen unconditionally... I will share with you the wisdom from the Universe ✨ -- ❗️ A note on predictions and yes/no questions: While there are times when there are definite yes or nos such as if someone is loyal to you, there are situations where there are no definite answers because it depends on "moving" factors such as your own free will, the trajectory of local & global affairs (like the pandemic impacting employment), as well as other people's free will and development. I will tell you the "predominant" energy but also remind you of how these things might change. 🤔So what's the point of getting a prediction when things can change? It's to show you how things are most likely to be headed so that you can change your strategy, deal with the changes better, or create a more favorable outcome. Tags: Lesbian, gay, pansexual, bisexual love romance readings & relationship problems, uncertainty / future predictions, infidelity, thoughts and feelings, direction / sadness / feeling lost, trust issues, breakups, crushes


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