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Channeled Message: This summer feels like it’s been such a whirlwind, hasn’t it? Many of us haven’t had time to process the changes that suddenly came rolling in. Even the good stuff has us sometimes questioning if we want it. Or if we even deserve it. And when we don’t take time to process the good stuff, we sometimes end up pushing something good away. And when we don’t process the less than ideal, we sometimes repeat those cycles. If you need help processing, I’m here to help with that, because we are leading into a new phase, and I have a feeling the start of autumn is going to be amazing. By centering with everything that happened over the past couple of months I feel like we will be able to release some of that energy and bring things into clearer view 💙✨ By the way, let me introduce myself! I’m GothicGenie🧞‍♀️💙✨ Thanks for peeping my profile! My spiritual method is intuition and my spiritual tool of choice is my mini crystal balls 🔮 My goal is to use my spiritual gifts to lead you through self discovery and self development, and ultimately self empowerment! I can’t make choices for you, but my hope is that you will begin to trust in yourself and the decisions you make. If you’d like an overall general reading you can simply give your name and birthday. You can also specify if you’d like a general reading about one of the following: ✨ Angel messages ✨ Career ✨ Life ✨ Life purpose/path ✨ Love ✨ Spirit Guide messages ✨ Spiritual journey …or any other aspect of your journey you may be curious about Some of my spiritual specialties include 🔮 Angel Insights 🔮 Aura color readings 🔮 Aura/energy readings 🔮 Connecting with spirit guides 🔮 Helping you identify your own spiritual gifts 🔮 Mediumship 🔮 Past life readings 🔮 Psychic readings Looking forward to connecting with you! Best wishes your way! GG🧞‍♀️💙✨


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