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👇🏼👇🏼Continue reading for availability, delivery style, and what kind of readings I offer.🥰 🕰 When I'm not with private clients, I'm available here on 1 hour videos, live chat, and sometimes live voice call functions. I am always available for 24 hour standard orders provided there is room in my que. 🧞‍♀️I value the time you spend with me by cutting directly to the chase, but I care about doing this with kindness and compassion. I offer actionable advice (aka coaching or spiritual counsel) to energetic issues. 🍇🍇 My Specialties Include🛎🛎 ⛲ Flow state hacks- how to push energy through parts of life that feel a little 🔌unplugged 🥰 Romance, love, and energetic matchmaking 👥 Shadow Work- the unpacking of present life, past life, and inherited energetic density in order to lighten the shadow self. (If you have found yourself in a state of stagnation or debilitated by extremes, this may be the reading for you.) 🌐 Social and interpersonal connectivity-identifying the best connections and confirming which are not serving you + advice on how to lovingly discard those connections 🧭 Path Maps- this is where I look at where you presently are and what options you have before you. Some call this a Crossroads reading but I go in deep with a look at all your potentials (love, social, family, prosperity, work, and more) 💰 Prosperity pathways and luck energies, which often include collective astrological transits we all can benefit from.


Oracle guidance, Tarot readings, Love readings

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