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I AM NON JUDGMENTAL ! πŸ’™ My answers are always surronded by DIVINE ENERGY. πŸ’™ I specialize in LOVE, RELATIONSHIP - you can still ask about carrier, work, life path etc. questions no worries πŸ™‚ I NEED FIRST NAMES AND YOUR QUESTIONS! -I will help you to see what is driving people's behavior around you. I tap into emotional states it means, I am able to sense feelings, thoughts and intentions of others. I can feel outcomes to the Future. Please know I prefer not give predictions based on time (because time will be on your focus not the outcome and the progress itself.) πŸ›‘ I' m not able to help with lost & found! πŸ›‘ I can not always see initials, names or places and time frames. πŸ›‘ Please check the topics we are not allowed to read on. ➑️ FOLLOW UP QUESTION I answer one follow up question if it is necessary (from my point of you,) if not I will just ignore it. Most of the occasions it is not needed and I am getting additional questions as follow up. Please don't mix it up! (Unfortunately people started to take advantage of our kindness and this is something I don't tolerate.) ➑️ RUSH / 24 HRS ORDER I answer max. 4 questions per order focusing on the same topic. I am not playing games I like to keep things simple. πŸ’• (Negative reviews. I'm always open-minded to hear your thoughts and ideas. Leaving negative review , closing the comment section and not communicating with your advisor is helping noone) Love and Light, Elpida πŸ™β˜―οΈ


Tarot readings, Angel insights, Love readings

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