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I AM VERY OPEN MINDED AND NON JUDGMENTAL! πŸ˜ŠπŸ™ I am not here to comfort your ego. I always bring honesty with kindness. I will tell what you need to know to have a better life and what to expect based on your life path and the actual energies. If you do not like real true answers you may find it hurting and stressful (this is because of ego). In this case please do not request a reading from me becasue you will be dissapointed. Thank you ▢️ I answer only one follow up question based on the reading at the chat area. ◀️ I may not always able to provide this after live sessions 😐. (The chat closes automatically in an hour.) 🚫 I have no experience in health, medical, legal questions and lost and found! 🚫 I am not willing to read about social media and who spys on you online etc. 🚫I do not see initials, or names, places. πŸ›‘ Please ask only about one topic in your 3 min reading. LOVE or WORK etc... I need time to explain the situation, the vibes - feelings, emotions also bit the past happenings if it is needed and give you advice etc. I AM AVAILABLE ... ON LIVE CHAT ...! If you would love to have a more detailed reading please join me in for a live session. Thank you 😊 --------------- READINGS I OFFER ---------------- β™₯️LOVE PROBLEMS πŸ’‘ TWIN FLAME, SOUL MATE QUESTIONS πŸ’”EX ISSUES, BREAK UP πŸ’²WORK , CARRIER , MONEY πŸ“šSTUDIES ☯️ SPIRITUAL PATH, KARMA βš• ENERGY FIELD READING, HEALING METHODS, MEDITATION ----------------- BE CLEAR AND DIRECT ----------------- Please be clear and specific. ( Does he still love me? Has he moved on? Has he ever loved me? etc.) Please share some basic information about the topic you chose to have a reading on but Too many details makes me lost between the lines. -------------------- THE WAY I READ -------------------- I am able to sense feelings , thoughts and intentions of others. I will help you to see what is driving the behavior of those around you. By understanding the real agenda, You will able to make choices and achive the desired outcome. Many people forget that free will plays roll in future events, but I will provide you enough information to make the best choices to obtain your goal! I am also able to read cards but I only use them if you desire. Cards are the most powerful sources of information can come from higher self. ---------------------- TIME FRAME ---------------------- Future is fluid and spirit doesn't follow our times. We can have a forecast based on the actualy energies but i never give "prediction" about time. ------------------------ HONESTY ------------------------ I do not play guessing games. If I do not see anything you are asking, I am honest about it. -------------- 3 MIN / 4-5 QIESTIONS --------------- Please do not forget that we have only 3 min to provide answers and clarity. I can usually answer maxiumum 4-5 easy questions in one reading based on the same topic! -------------- FOLLOW UP QUESTIONS -------------- YES, I do answer follow up questions but ONLY ONE if it is really needed! Plese do not try to use comment section to continue your reading etc. Lets follow the rules and respect each other. Thank you Please be patient if I do not get back to you right away.⏳ ( I do not have my mobile 24/7 next to meπŸ“±) Thank you! Love Elpida πŸ™β€β˜―οΈ


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