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🙏🔥🙏🔥🙏⛤🙏🔥🙏🔥🙏 NAMASTE AND WELCOME! Surely the winds of Spirit have guided you here and I am thankful for this opportunity to help guide you on your path. I will provide real and honest answers and always guide you with a gentle heart. I do not require the use of tools, but I often use Runes and Tarot in my readings. I have a 39 year background of study in Hermetic Philosophy, esoteric Runology, and Tarot. I combine my natural psychic and empathic gifts, shamanic vision, and these tools to bring you accurate answers and insight, guided by Spirit, for your highest good. 🌞 I can also teach you how to cleanse your life of negative energies and spiritual influences both in the energy body and the home. PLEASE DO NOT ASK ABOUT SPELLS OR SUCH THINGS. IT IS AGAINST P.O. POLICY FOR ME TO TOUCH ON THE SUBJECT. 🔮 I SPECIALIZE IN: 💘 LOVE AND RELATIONSHIPS 🌎 LIFE PATH 💀 SPIRIT PATH 🌜 METAPHYSICAL MATTERS ❗❗No questions on pregnancy legal or medical. ❗❗ I do not give timeframes occasionally they are given by Spirit


Tarot readings, Psychic readings, Relationship coaching

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