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"Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself."---- George Bernard Shaw 🔮 I AM A CLAIRSENTIENT, CLAIRCOGNIZANT, CLAIRAUDIANT, EMPATH, AND ENERGY READER. I DO NOT REQUIRE TOOLS. IF YOU PREFER A CARD READING PLEASE SPECIFY. IF YOU PREFER THE READING WITHOUT TOOLS PLEASE SPECIFY. Honest, from the heart psychic readings from an authentic shamanic soul. Always with straight, clear answers, my style and skills are much different than other readers. I have been to the crossroads at the midnight of consciousness and I have no fear of the forbidden knowledge found there. I can bring the light from the darkness with answers that come to me as whispers, impressions, and symbols. These I will share with you, the seeker. I WILL SPEAK TRUTH TO YOU AND NEVER SUGARCOAT. PLEASE DO NOT APPROACH ME IF YOU ARE NOT READY FOR WHAT IS REVEALED OR PREFER TO REVEL IN FANTASY. 🔮 I SPECIALIZE IN: 💘 LOVE AND RELATIONSHIPS 🌎 LIFE PATH 💀 SPIRIT PATH 🌜 METAPHYSICAL MATTERS 🌚 I ONLY READ ON CAREER MATTERS AS IT RELATES TO YOUR LIFE PATH AND SPIRITUAL JOURNEY. I DO NOT PLACE A HIGH VALUE ON MATERIAL GOALS OVER LIFE PATH AND SPIRITUAL GOALS. 🚫 I DO NOT READ ON THE FOLLOWING: EXAM RESULTS, BUSINESS INVESTMENTS, JOB INTERVIEWS, PREGNANCY, LEGAL, OR MEDICAL. 🚫 I DO NOT COMMENT OR READ ON WHAT OTHER ADVISORS HAVE TOLD YOU ESPECIALLY IF IT DIFFERS FROM WHAT I SEE. IF YOU WERE SO CONFIDENT IN THEIR PREDICTIONS THEN WHY KEEP GETTING READINGS ON THE SAME THING? NEGATIVITY BASED ON OTHER READERS INTERPRETATIONS OF EVENTS OR ENERGIES IN THE REVIEW BOX IS UNACCEPTABLE. 🚫 ONLY ONE PERSON OF INTEREST PER ORDER PLEASE. AS AN ADVISOR IT IS NOT MY PLACE TO CHOOSE YOUR MATE BUT SHOW YOU THE ENERGY OF WHAT I SEE BASED ON YOUR CHOICE. 🚫 No general readings please ask clear questions and provide details. A vague question will provide a vague reading. 🚫 NO READINGS ON MEDICAL, LEGAL MATTERS, OR PREGNANCY. NO EXCEPTIONS! 🚫 I prefer not to speak in time frames. Everything is always changing. We are shapers and not cosmic marionettes. 🚫 I do not do "past life" readings! This, to me is metaphysical conjecture. I deal with this life and the here and now and all of the problems associated with this current life journey. I call this objective reality and prefer to stay within that valid construct rather than fantasy and conjecture. 🚫 I reserve the right to refuse any readings not in accordance with my guidelines or ethics.


Psychic readings, Relationship coaching, Oracle guidance

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