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🦇 Please read my entire profile before booking a reading 🌹I connect exclusively by LIVE readings, unless scheduled here👇🏼 🗓️ 24/1-hour: N/A ❣️👆🏼Ordering instructions for 24/1-hour: 2 questions for each order placed. First names ONLY. No follow up questions are permitted in chat, new orders must be placed for follow-up questions. ⚡️I am here to accompany you on a journey of profound transformation and understanding. I have a personalized approach: every reading is tailored to your unique needs and questions, ensuring that you receive the most relevant and insightful guidance for your situation. 🌹 Compassionate connection: your pain and struggles matter deeply to me. Through a deep empathetic bond, I provide a safe space where vulnerability is met with understanding and unconditional support. ⚡️ I'll help you uncover the hidden treasures within, banish self-doubt, and tap into your limitless power. 💅🏼 My Services: 🔥 Empowering Tarot Insights: Unleash the power within as comprehensive tarot readings illuminate the complexity of your relationships, career, finances, and personal growth, empowering you to make informed choices and forge your destiny. 🖤 Love's Guiding Light: Embrace the boundless potential of your heart as you navigate the depths of emotional connections, unlocking the wisdom that fuels love and relationships. Find the courage to follow your heart's desires and create fulfilling connections. 💰Career Mastery: Seize the reins of your professional journey with confidence as the cards unveil the pathways to success. Seek guidance on career choices and future prospects, empowering you to manifest your dreams and thrive. 👁️ Spiritual Awakening Unveiled: Embrace the transformative power of spiritual tarot readings as you awaken your inner light and embrace a purpose-driven existence. 🥂 Celebrate Your Milestones: Illuminate life's sacred moments with tailored tarot readings that infuse your weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and other significant events with profound meaning and guidance. Let the cards honor your milestones and empower you to embrace the next chapter of your journey. ⏳ Timelines are not set in stone due to free will. ❣️Don’t ask questions if your mind is closed. You must be willing to consider that my perspective will differ from yours. ❌ No follow up questions in the chat section are permitted. Thank you for understanding. ❌ No pregnancy, medical, legal, investment, evil/magic, lost items, or lottery questions permitted by this site. Thank you for understanding. Previous name on Purple Ocean: Jess_the_Empress


Angel insights, Love readings, Tarot readings

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