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Love ❤️ & Relationship Only No Career/Job Questions 🙏🏻😊 🙅🏻‍♂️🙅🏻‍♂️DON’T PICK ME IF YOU PERFER SUGAR COATED READINGS🌟🌟💫 I give nothing but truth and honestly I will not lie or mislead my clients. ❗️❗️PLEASE INCLUDE AT LEAST A 30 second video with your name and date of birth and brief info about the information you would like to know. Also along with the name and date of birth and if possible a picture of the person you would like a reading on❗️‼️ I ask this so I can assure you the most precise accuracy and to give you your 💴 worth. ⚠️ Note Time frames Can change due to free will and energy. 🚫 This is A List Of Readings I Can’t Provide. 🚫Pregnancy 🚫LEGAL 🚫CAREER 🚫EDUCATION I will answer two questions.please don’t ask me to make your decisions for you. I can only give you the information I saw in my meditation and. Make a guided recommendation I am one of the more laid back psychics on purple ocean and tend to make clients my friends more than anything but on a professional level. And I take my time with answering any questions they may have after the reading. Thanks love you all and look forward to helping you through life’s crazy journey. 👋 thank you from the bottom of my heart for the consideration. I offer expert Analysis on the matter of Love and relationships. Weather it’s on the matter of someone you just meet how do they feel about you? Maybe you been with someone for quite sometime now but still can’t get a read on there emotions 🤔 Do you suspect he or she has not been faithful in the past or present 😱 Are you currently married and struggling to connect again with your partner? Has there been a certain person you can’t seem to stop thinking about and wondering if they miss you and feel the same ? 😯 Is there a HUGE life change about to happen. ✨allow me to give you the guidance and knowledge you need to navigate through life’s unknowing✨✨


Dream analysis, Psychic readings, Love readings

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