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For best reading match please read ALL!!! 🐈Honest 🐇Sensitive, 🍄Down to Earth, Intuitive Oracle Readings. 😽If you don't want the truth, don't order a reading with me.😼 I am not here to spy for you on others. Not here to encourage unhealthy relationships. My focus is your growth and healing paths. 🍃 2 styles of Readings on offer: 💫Aura currents and Oracle card reading. These do need a profile photo or video with your questions. (for best reading possible choose above) 🃏All other readings will be cardomancy (Card) based. Like Lenormad, Tarot, Oracles and Runes cards. 💫No general readings, ask specific questions. A 1st name or nickname for you & who you are including in you questions. Include ONLY YEAR OF BIRTH!!! 🚫No month or date🚫 they mean nothing to me. (Though I know alot about birth signs and such, I am horrible at remembering the month and days that line up with what signs. So I NO LONGER use Astrology.) 🍁Are you in Transtition? Lets explore your path, see what are the strongest currents & opportunities moving forward. 🔦🎶🌬 😻Relationships, Love, Family, Friends. Lets find the best path forward for your connection with them.💫 💕💕✨ For Love readings please ask about one person ~one situation. Unless you are in a multiple person relationship, like poly or open marriage. If your recovering and trying to find your way to a healthy honest relationship, I'm your Oracle. 🚫💔If your seeking info to have affair or trying to go deeper into one, I sorry as a spiritual & ethical reader I am NOT the Reader for you. 💔As this path has a shadow type that can harm you and many effected by the affair. 😭💔😞 💓💗All relationships based on honesty and love for all involved. Healing for those who are working their way out of painful and harmful connections, I am here for you. 💕💕✨ 📱For 3-minute video readings (be it Rush or 24-hour)limit is 2 questions, I will answer 2 followup questions in the messages area. Please be patient during busy time periods, I will reply when I can, if I can. 🚫⌚NO Time lines nor whens, as these are easily shifted. 🚫NO Twinflame nor Soul mates, not my area. 🚫No Affair readings No advice on starting, nor furthering an Affair/cheating. As per Purple Ocean Rules NO!!!!: 🙊Pregnancy 🙊Medical 🙊Legal Readings 🙊Gambling


Relationship coaching, Tarot readings, Oracle guidance

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