Miss Rose Alada

Intuitive Card Reader,Cartomancy, Empath
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About my services

Hi! My name is Rose. I’m a spiritual intuitive card reader and advisor who gives spirit led answers to help you make the right choices for you so that you can lead a full and happy life. I do not connect with everyone and that’s OK! My intention is to offer what the spirits give me so that you can decide what is best for you. Due to free will we can always make changes if things don’t seem to be going the way you want them to be. I use playing cards to help me tap into your future and connect with your situation. I am a no fluff reader who only provides what I see, hear, and feel as I lay out the cards for you and not what you want to hear. I can advise on most things but particularly enjoy looking at love, career, and relationships. I can do general readings but prefer that you come with a specific question as the time is short and I want to make sure I address what you really want to know. Certain things I do not read on include: *Lost objects/items *Pregnancy (include number of children will have, sex, etc) *Lotto *Immigration *Legal *Medical As a natural empath, I can pick up on feelings but cannot tell you word for word what an individual is thinking. A word on timing, sometimes in the reading I will receive an idea of when something may or may not happen such as season or days. However, there are times I am not provided this info. If I do get a sense of timing, then I will let you know. Please do not expect it however. Timing in spirit world and our physical world isn’t so fluid at times. Free will also can change the outcome as well. Please no more than 2 questions especially if they are completely unrelated. Due to time and availability, no more than a couple of follow up questions please. Live Chat PLEASE READ I am an intuitive card reader. When you enter in a chat with me I *do* shuffle and pull cards. So if you only have 3-5 minutes and many questions, I most likely will not be able to answer them all especially if they are unrelated. Please do NOT book with me if you need instant answers. I will not rush and this is because I want to be able to provide accurate readings.


Tarot readings, Love readings, Psychic readings

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