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PLEASE. READ BIO BEFORE ORDERING!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT PUSH ME FOR A TIMEFRAME!!!!!! PLEASE DO NOT ASK WHEN ? IF I SENSE OR FEEL A TIMEFRAME I WILL SHARE IT WITH YOU !!!!!!!!!!! 🌞CHAKRA BALANCING ,SPIRITUAL ENERGY THERAPY & CANDLE THERAPY 🌞 Now available on live chat session 🦋 🦋 🦋 🦋 🦋 🦋 🦋 🦋 🦋 🦋 Manifest your desires and intentions! Clear energy channels and unblock chakras, and I do get to the root problems why your spiritual energy is not optimal. There is great physical, mental (emotional) and spiritual benefits in this SOUL MAINTENANCE. Just as you take care of your physical body, you MUST maintain your soul body. Don't neglect your Self. NO GENERAL READINGS HAVE YOUR QUESTIONS TO BE DETAILED PLEASE 2 QUESTION MINIMUM !!!!! No legal or medical questions!!! 🛑 due to this being a three minute reading I will only be answering 2 minimum questions in your reading please have your questions to be detailed I do not give general readings no reading when I receive your order should be what does my love life have to hold for me ? this is unnecessary if you would like a thorough true honest reading please leave me the details of what you're wanting to know also when you're reading is done I am more than happy to clear up any questions you have about your reading only pertaining to your reading I will not answer other questions. 🛑 👼 👼 My Spirit and angels guide my Psychic Communication I Receive messages from aspects of myself and dreams, out of body experiences (astral projection) receiving and sending healing energy, guided or automatic writings and journaling, visions, dream visions and picking up energy from person to person this allows me to see and feel the right direction for someone's path in life if your with the right partner?if your in the right career or need to make a change? If there's big decisions that need to be made in your life and you're unsure which direction to go towards? These are questions I'm able to help you with I'm very direct I help on all life matters. I have been giving readings for 19 years I have helped many clients throughout the years with many difficult serious problems with my advice they have had great positive outcomes our futures change depending on the choices we make from day to day with my guidance and advice I'm able to help you to lead you to the right direction and path that is meant for you to live a peaceful happy life and giving you advice with whom your soulmate is? What is the right job career opportunity for you? Where do you belong in life? What is your purpose in life for yourself and for your loved ones? If you've been feeling that you are repeating each day the same way that you repeated the last like you keep living each day over and over the same nothings changing every day every month keeps being the same you need to start making changes to live a better stronger happier life with a reading I'm able to answer your questions on how you're able to live a better happier life. if your with the right person? if there being true to you? If you have crossed paths with your soul mate yet? I specialize in love relationship areas meaning love relationships family's children spouses parents siblings friends any area to do with your heart and emotions i'm able to tell you if these relationships are true are meant to be in your life being honest to you faithful to you and are they going to remain in your future and will not turn their back on you I am very forward and direct with my readings I look forward to hearing from you many blessings 🌞 •psychic reading •tarot card reading •angel tarot card reading •palm reading •astrology •specializing in love and relationships • past lives • chakra balancing • spiritual energy therapy


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