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"At any one time you’re someone’s teacher or student. The trouble begins when you assume which one you are” - Debra Zachau I LOVE general questions! Ask whats in store for you on any topic within the Purple Ocean Purple Garden rules. A general reading can help you identify powerful options available for you to take full advantage of! I do tarot and numerology. Having a psychic reading gives you confidence that your words and actions are creating the future you want. I don’t tell people who to stay with or who to leave. I don’t try to figure out what you want to hear so I can make you happy. I take your situation and dilemma more serious than that. I CAN tell you what the future will hold if you take no action to help you decide whether to stay or move on. Let’s talk timelines. The future changes with every new action a person makes, and I don’t control your actions. Some fixate and force things because of a timeline. Its not healthy. I will tell you facts about the situation at hand so you can choose wisely. If spirit offers a season I’ll certainly tell you. Use that information with balanced wisdom. I will try my best to follow up in messages but call volume will determine how often and complete the correspondence. People who bless me with a positive review will, of course, be prioritized. 💜 How are others feeling about you? Do you need coaching through tough situations? 💜 Quick, clear and accurate. 💜 LGBT, death and dying, divorce support as well as understanding modern love and relationships and lifes other inconveniences 😍 💜 Gain insight on your children's behavior to better understand what's going on. 🤗 💜 Messages from passed loved ones as well as Guardians and angels. 😇 💜 Gain clarity in your job, career and financial opportunities.💲💲💲


Psychic readings, Love readings, Tarot readings

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