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Love Specialist And Life Coach
2.3h average response
99.7% on-time delivery

About my services

PLEASE NOTE: When Ordering a reading with me please provide full name and dob as well as the specific areas you want me to look into or advise on. 2-3 questions max in video order due to limited amount of time. Up to 3 questions related to your reading in comment section. I will answer all your life’s questions with detail and honesty. I am an honest reader, I Do Not Sugarcoat my readings. Keep in mind, I DO NOT GIVE TIMEFRAMES due to readings as well as time frames are subject to change often depending on ones decisions and can alter/change a persons path. Are you wondering whether he/she is your soulmate? If he/she is right for you? Are you confused as to which direction to take? Look no further! I will answer all your questions with detail and will lead you onto the path that is meant for you! Specializing in: Full life psychic readings, tarot card readings,love and relationship advise, palm readings, in tuning with an individual energy and providing honest and accurate information of the past present and future. I also in-tune with spirits whome have crossed over, as well as spirit guides. I also specialize in meditation and meditation courses. I will answer all questions regarding: LOVE ❤️ TWIN FLAME 🔥 SOULMATE💞 MARRIAGE💍 FAMILY👨‍👩‍👧 CAREER/JOB💰 TRAVEL ✈️ **SPECIALIZING IN** *TWIN FLAME* *SOULMATE* *CHAKRA BALANCING* *SPIRITUAL HEALING* *AURA COLOUR THERAPY * *CRYSTAL THERAPY* *MEDITATION SPECIALIST* AND SO MUCH MORE!


Love readings, Psychic readings, Tarot readings

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