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DESCRIBE YOUR SITUATION, 1 topic , 1 question. you can put in multiple orders for multiple questions so I can take the time to get your answers.. its better to not do a General reading because you're then asking of multiple of areas of your life for me to put into a 3-minute span. Its easier to focus on one aspect, one topic,one area. that's how you will get the most out of your 3 minute video. for further clarification or another question, feel free to put in a separate order. this really allows me time so I can look into it, meditate, ect because my queue can get so busy when I come online and I want to help the most that I can. do you worry about: job, career, abundance, or love, decisions. if we're going to look at your career, describe your current situation even what you wish to do. but I will try to tap in and see what I can pick up.. the main thing is to describe your situation. ❤️one p.o.i (person of interest) per order.. if you come into my queue and give me a list of people to look into with no details , I may have to send the order back, if I cant connect..sometimes i dont need details to tap in. but it is best. ❤️We are not to read on pregnancy or health, financial, legal issues, court, visas, or Lotto gambling, or if someone put something spiritual or demonic on you or a loved one. .. not allowed to look into that which involves court or even paternity. DNA . ❤🙏❤ I get visions I can hear in the spirit realm, I often see a lot of symbolism but try to break it down in the video so you can hopefully see what I see..I have an ability to go into minds and hearts and to see motives , or see further down the line on if one will really move a relationship forward or no and possibly why, and I can help to confirm your path.. many of us have had to walk through certain paths so that we can understand the inside view of what many go through. often times God would send me through different situations and storms and I would say why am I walking through this? because I would get an odd feeling that that situation was not really for me. but it was to get the inside view and understanding.. and then I would meet someone a couple weeks later and I had the answers and the message for them because I already walked through that path. many years he would send me to people.. to protect them or to give messages... I could sit with the homeless and I could sit by the billionaires and everybody's the same they have worries, they have questions, they have hearts. and we all want answers. .. there's rare times when I do hear that God wants someone to be on a certain path and he has a strict line for them to walk because he has a certain setup for them down the road. but most people have a very free will and you're not guided on a strict path. something I've learned is that you can change your destiny, you can change directions, you can choose a new adventure. ❣️❣️ Time Frames ❣️❣️ are not something I always receive. Outcomes are hard to garuntee. Why? Because people have free will. people can change directions, changing your mind, not follow their heart. I'm here to help people follow faith and love..


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