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when ordering 1 topic, 1 question for reading We are not to read on pregnancy or health or legal issues or Lotto gambling. nothing that involves court or even paternity. I love everybody but none of you are worth my job lol come on into my queue with some other questions though I'd love to help you please give me questions about connections that you have now. I don't usually pick up a lot on who's coming towards you for future love as in someone that you don't even know yet. I can give you information like if someone will come or not. but I don't usually see what they look like and when they come. it's just not my forte or not right now. so let's work with what's reality right now. let me help you understand who's around you or what you're to do now with your current situation. I know everybody wants to be loved and they want to know what's coming in but a lot of times they don't want to know how to do what they were sent to do here or what they should be doing. they just want what they want. this is probably not you but I won't be the reader for this kind of person 😂❤️ ❣️❣️ Time Frames ❣️❣️are not something I always receive. Outcomes are hard to garuntee. ❣️❣️❣️ please also describe your situation 🤗🤗


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