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Chat with me! My per minute Live Chat price has been cut by 50%! I am a cartomancer. This means I read cards. My tools are Tarot, Lenormand, Sibilla, Gypsy Witch or various oracle decks and pendulum. I do not claim to "know all, see all." No human being can. *ONE question per pre-recorded video reading!* I do not make “predictions.” I show possibilities and trends. All readings, from any reader, tell what is possible at that moment. As people (you and others related to the situation) make choices, possibilities change. A reading is a snapshot of current possibilities. Readings give us a bit of forewarning and guidance for meeting our goals. If I answer your question, please leave positive feedback. If you need clarification, ask questions. I am happy to answer. Some examples of what I can tell you: • General Trends/Possibilities • Timing (General timeframes, not exact dates) • Focus on your love interest (How does he/she really feel or think?) • Focus on career path • Guidance to meet goals • Yes/No questions with Lenormand or pendulum I will happily clarify any questions you have in comments. I suggest you ask open ended questions rather than questions that require a yes/no answer. Also, just because you ask a question as one sentence, does not make it one question. Statement of Ethics • I cannot read on issues regarding health or legal issues. • I only read about how other people effect your life, not about their life. For example, do not ask what your ex is doing now, or if he/she is seeing another person. This is called a third-party reading. • I take no responsibility for your choices. I will not tell you what to do. I give you options and advice.


Oracle guidance, Love readings, Tarot readings

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