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🌟Please read all of this bio before ordering 🌟 Hey!! And thank you for taking time to read my profile. Ever find yourself saying Oh Life!? and could use a little insight and guidance? Well I am here to help... I am am an intuitive empath tarot/oracle reader from the UK with 5 years of experience, certified reiki healer and life coach. I have helped many people successfully find their way and love doing so. I am very honest and will only relay whatever the cards are saying in kind and caring manner. I only have your best interests at heart ☺️ IMPORTANT——- 🌟 how to get the most out of your reading.... prepare your questions before hand and be specific!!!! Vague questions are hard to get specifics on🌟 ⚠️Changes do not happen over night!! If you have been told your relationship will improve don’t expect it to happen within a couple days. Also DO NOT push your process!! Interfering in it will change your outcome!! Stay on the path you are on! 🛑 before writting a bad review please try asking for more clarity in the comments. I am more than happy to help 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 and give us half a chance to reply!!! I do have other readings coming in and can’t always reply right away 🤗 🛑 listen to your reading more than once to make sure you understand what is being said before writing a bad review. If you don’t understand ask for clarity. 🛑 For chats I do need to take time to meditate on your question and pull cards this takes approx 30 seconds of your reading so be prepared for that and have at least 5mins booked to get in depth answers 🌟 I specialize in love readings - ❤️ how are they feeling about you ❤️ where is your relationship heading ❤️ what can you do to help your situation 🔅When asking for a reading please send a video to help me connect to your energies better ✨ 🔅Please ask a maximum of 2 questions, we only have 3 mins 😉 🔅No general questions to help me provide you with better insights 🔅When asking about love please choose ONE person of interest 🛑 Do not leave a bad review saying I did not answer your questions if they pertain to any of the below. I will only answer the parts I can. 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 ⚠️I will NOT tell you if he or she is the one I can only pass on messages given to me in the cards, the choice will always be yours ⚠️I do NOT answer any medical or legal questions. This includes pregnancy. ⚠️I cannot read other people’s relationships!!! They did not request the reading and it is your energy I am connecting too. This includes cheating. ⚠️I do not do dream analysis or lost things. Sorry!! ⚠️No career questions ⚠️I do not do timelines due to freewill 🛑 MOST IMPORTANTLY!!!!!!! ...,,,, ⚠️ Please DO NOT order a reading if you are not prepared to possibly hear an outcome you don’t like. It is unfair to leave advisors who don’t feed you fairy tales bad reviews. Time will always tell ⚠️ 😊The messaging section is for clarification of your reading NOT extra questions. Please be kind to your readers and be specific about what you want to know in your request 😊


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