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My name is Nicholas. I am an English psychic advisor. I have 18 years experience in providing support, guidance and insights to people who place their trust in me to allow me to help them with their queries. I am known for and specialise in using a unique European deck of cards known as "Gypsy Cards" in my readings. I am able to decode and give you a lot of insight and explanation about what you have come for a reading about. I am extremely descriptive about why the cards have fallen the way that they have during our reading so that you can have an understanding about the way your energy has presented itself. • Please take the time to read the following information regarding my readings. • Please give me information pertaining to the background and leadup to the situation you are facing, including anyone who could be involved in the questions you are asking. This enables me to give you the tailored and detailed reading that you deserve! 😊 💬 LIVE CHAT READINGS - I love doing chat readings! I would appreciate it if you could give me a heads up at our introduction time if you have several questions/topics to ask during the session. The reason being is so I can thoroughly interpret the energy of that particular area of your query. Kindly I ask that A MAXIMUM AMOUNT OF 5 questions/topics during a chat reading. • ETHICS (health & legal) - Please understand, for ethical reasons, I cannot read to diagnose medical, legal, fertility, gender of an unborn or lost person cases. Such things are better left in the hands of the appropriate professional. ❌ I DO NOT DO MEDIUMSHIP READINGS. • TIMING IN A READING - I prefer not to give timeframes as I do not feel it is a constructive focus for my clients to have, it is too anxiety producing. However, if you wish to look for a specific time in relation to your reading, please be advised that I can only give a rough timeframe, if at all, as I have found that timing is fluid and subject to change in my experience of giving psychic and intuitive readings. • Any questions following your reading should be related to our reading only. I can't comment on what other readers have told you. Everyone picks up a different facet of the overall energy of your situation. I cannot guarantee that I will be able to answer every one of your post reading messages instantly, but I will get to them. 🙏


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