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About my services

Hello💕💕 Im Intuitive Heather!! (I changed my name from Intuitive-Perspective bc of length allowed for names changes on the app💕 (Please know im not turning my videos on and then off after a minutes on purple ocean.The app shuts off once you fill up with readings) If you looking for anwsers on how someone really feels and whats going to happen I have been born with a gift that can help to get those answers💕 I am currently featured on the T.V. channel Bravo as an Intuitive Empath on the show Shahs of Sunset! Season 9 I will be featured soon on TLC . I If you’re interested in seeing a little bit more of how my gift works I really look forward to being back and being able to speak with all of you💕 I give intuitive empath readings/sessions As an intuitive I am able to intuitively sense and guide events before they happen as well as tell you the choices or changes you need to make/change to achieve the outcome you want. As an empath I have the ability to truly feel the emotions of others which includes the person I'm connecting to as well as those around them. This allows me to explain someone's motivations and how they actually feel about you and or a situation as well as channeling your own emotions. I found my gifts especially beneficial in handling serious conflict with other such as break ups as well as professional decision making, and giving you the answers that will allow you to achieve your best life.


Psychic readings, Dream analysis, Love readings

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