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I aim to provide my clients with honest, non-judgmental answers to their questions. I seek to create awareness about existing issues they need to know to confidently solve their life's most important issues. My specialties are: -Compatibility (Astrologically) -Relationship/Marriage Issues -Addressing Recurring Patterns -Tarot Reading (Rider-Waite) -Fulfilling Career Path Discovery -Life Purpose/Destiny -Clairvoyance Using your name, birthday, and a picture or video you have provided me with I will connect to you on an energetic level and provide answers for the issues that have been plaguing you. IMPORTANT TO NOTE: I am not a medical professional and CANNOT provide you with medical advice. Therefore PLEASE do not ask me questions such as whether you can get pregnant or will heal from an illness. Also, I cannot offer specific legal advice about a court case for example, but I can let you know whether the outcome will be positive or negative. Also, please limit our session to 4 questions maximum, anything more is simply too many questions to address in one video. If you ask additional questions in the comments section after the video reading, they will not be answered unless they are to clarify any of MY answers to your original questions. Therefore, if you find you have any additional questions to add, please submit them in a separate order.


Oracle guidance, Astrology & Horoscopes, Tarot readings

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