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I empower spiritual people who are caught up in the hustle of life to tap into their intuition so they can confidently handle any of life's obstacles and help heal the world. ⚠️⚠️IMPORTANT DETAILS - PLEASE READ: For recorded readings: Limit the focus to 1 or 2 questions where you need an in-depth answer. Keep in mind that recordings are only 3 minutes long, so I can either go deep/detailed on a small # of questions or go surface-level on 3+ questions (which leads to asking for follow up readings). If you want a more in-depth reading, please connect with me via video, voice, or chat For live readings (video / voice / chat): Please limit to one question at a time. Asking a new question while I am in the process of reading/answering your current question can lead to confusion - me in trying to figure out which question to answer and you in trying to figure out which question I am answering. Follow-up questions (post-session): I am able to do one follow-up question on recorded readings based on the cards pulled. For Voice/video/chat readings, I receive a high # of calls and may not be able to follow up with you before the messaging system closes I will not answer additional questions beyond clarifying what was already asked/answered. if you have additional questions or seek greater detail, please book a follow-up reading. Multiple readings on the same topic: After a reading session, I highly advise waiting at least a month before requesting a reading on that same topic or an adjacent topic. The more you ask about the same topic, the more confusing/contradictory results that you will likely receive. If the universe decides to cut you off on guidance because you keep asking the same question over and over expecting a different answer, there is not a whole lot I can do. Palm readings: Palm readings delve into personal patterns (environment and response) and focus more on identifying personal patterns to help you be more aware of what you might (or might not) manifest in your life. Palm readings cannot predict the future. I will need photos/video of the following. please make sure your camera focuses so I can see the lines of your hand. 1. your left hand - palm facing the camera - against a neutral background 2. a close up of your left palm against a neutral background 3. your right hand - palm facing the camera - against a neutral background 4. your right palm against a neutral background. Mediumship: Mediumship is an area of psychic ability that involves communicating with the dead, either for closure or guidance. I do not do mediumship readings on this app. Third parties: I will only do readings on situations that directly relates to or affects you, and if the person is actively in your life. (Ex: Reading about your relationship and your partner’s potential feelings is okay. Questions pertaining to the identity and motivations of a secret lover are not since you don’t have a direct connection with them) Let me repeat this - if you are looking for someone to spy on your ex / crushes / partner, please choose another reader. Third parties and accuracy: Remember that your own emotions and fears can influence the reading. As an example, if you are feeling very emotional and fear your partner is cheating on you, there is a chance of a false positive if I ask the cards about infidelity. Likewise, if you are worried your partner doesn't love you, and are dealing with feelings of self-loathing, asking how your partner feels about you can lead to your own fears and emotions being projected into the reading Timing questions: My readings focus on events rather than specific dates. There’s a lot of moving parts when it comes to timing - your actions and the actions of others. Focusing on timing also leads to feeling trapped by circumstances rather than empowered to forge your own future Health/Legal/Financial advice: I do not offer these. Find a professional in those fields Reviews: If I have helped you, please take a moment to leave a review on how the reading empowered you. I value your feedback Please remember that in the end, I am the messenger - whether the message is coming from the cards or directly from Spirit. If you are unhappy with any part of your reading, please reach out to me to discuss your concerns rather than leave a negative review simply because you didn't hear what you wanted to


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