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I offer you transformation through accurate, honest, to-the-point, non-judgemental readings that you may begin to experience the needed transformation in your circumstances. I will assist you at each crossroad and grant you clarity towards your next waypoint in life. As an old-school Tarot reader, I mostly use the Tarot de Marseille decks and base most my readings on The Cunning Folk reading style but have studied from old Masters writings. As a dream interpreter, I can assist you to understand your subconscious and guide you towards a direction of clarity. I look forward to being a reliable instrument at your service. Please note I do ✨one clarifier question per reading✨. ✨one question per video order✨ ✨A general question gets a general answer✨ Please ask direct questions for a direct answer. Context is key in Tarot! Nobody has ever stood before the Oracle of Delphi without a question so spend time with what it is you wish to know that we can address your quandary head-on and clear the path towards your goals. Time is fluid! Decisions change constantly and have a ripple effect on time. So no, I cannot always offer a timeline when there is none to be seen. I have been tested as an advisor so please don't waste your or my time trying to test if I read Tarot or not. I do NOT read on: -yes/no as you can flip a coin there. -legal matters, health issues and pregnancies as there are professionals trained for these purpose, -gambling, lost items, lucky numbers/passcodes as none of these are Tarot related. ***Please note that I do not read on 3rd party readings unless it is to grant you insight to your own circumstances and how the 3rd party affects you personally. I.e. I don't read on "Is X having sex with X?" Please see company T&C's for more info of what other questions may not be answered.


Love readings, Dream analysis, Tarot readings

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