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⭐Please read everything below to make sure I am the best advisor for you.🥰 🚫We cannot read on medical and legal issues. I do not read on pregnancy. I can read on the potential of children in your future. ⭐I will answer follow-up questions in messages to clarify anything from your original question. Remember it is not required we do. Sometimes we cannot immediately respond because of new orders. (Time is limited due to other client orders that need to be completed.) For all new questions please place additional orders. Thank you for your understanding 🥰 I am a Tarot reader. My main divination tool I use to connect are my Tarot Cards. This is how I connect and get messages! I do not predict the future, but can give you the potential outcomes based on your current path. But remember life is full of twist and turns! Outside influence can change outcomes and timing! ⏰ I can only give time estimates based on a system I use with the Tarot cards! So, I will give you dates, months, and seasons based on the cards I pull. Situations, people and events outside us can influence the timing. So timing is not always set in stone. It could happen sooner or it could be delayed. My goal with every reading is to make sure I give you a message of truth, purpose and clarity that helps you move forward and in the direction that leads you to happiness. The message may not necessarily be what you want to hear, but one that can help you move forward with a plan or a direction!!! Specialties: 🔮 💍Marriage ❤Relationship coaching and Love 💜Family 💛Friendship 🗃Career 👼Angel and spirit guide names. It is best to order by 24 video and 1 hour Rush orders. It requires some time for me. If you have limited time and how much you can spend on chat. Please do not ask in chat. ⚠️ (no Twin Flames. It is not something I specialize in and we have some great advisors on here that can offer you great insight!) For relationships. I can only read the energy of yourself and POI. Again, I will read you the message the cards reveal. If it is not what you had hoped. I am truly sorry. I always want to give you the truth. And I know it is hard when it is not what we had hoped. All messages are to help you take control and move forward! 🌟I cannot tell you details of who your soulmate will be. I personally believe we have many. ⭐️Readings show potentials that are based on the energies, choices and actions we make in the present. I am here to help you discover your own power. Readings will show you possible outcomes and what may happen. Please remember we all have free will. Many outside influences can affect the potential outcome.*** 🌟General Reading. If you order a general reading. It will be whatever message comes through. If it makes you think of a specific question. You may ask 1 question in the follow messages. Thank you 🥰 ✳For Live Chat please be clear and specific with your questions. DO NOT leave out details! Give the complete story! Please allow me time to connect and respond to each question you ask. I try to be as fast as possible, but I cannot be rushed. Allow me to give you a quality reading. I will supply you with you possible time frames.


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