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These are a few questions to get started with/pertain to you. I am available to just vibe with you in general as well, with genuine passion towards advising you to your best place together :) 🌞🌸 The clarity spread: family/career/love/future based on present (we will look into all areas and get a summary to have a view on where things are headed for you and see if something will change or requires any change via advice and our spirit guides) -What is the most important factor for my confidence to become 🔥 ? (Either again after a relationship or in general) -Where in my life can I pay attention to more to create more abundance/clarity/positivity? -What if any can be a block to the path I’m manifesting What does this person mean to me? is this twin flame or soul contract love? 🥰 by the way!... ***if you have answers and the relationship may be on its way to a judgement or ending.. I wouldn't be able to give false info. To you I an an honest non judgemental space. so our beautiful universe's energy will be giving better to you FOR you or it's a time of reassessing what to do now for that rekindled love :) 💛🧡💚💜💙 -Who am I to others and how do they see me? -Spouse related questions to understand your role or the role that your partner plays in your relationship😍😘 -Addiction and/or codependent relationships and where the block can lift to empower you both as well as the advice to lead healthier lives together - What can I do for more Clarity in love/work/generally/spiritually -How can I balance my work/life/family to have more fun! -Where is this love going now and what is the outcome at this time? -Is he/she a soulmate? ❤️ -Can this person be trusted? -Where is my current choice or love leading me out to? Spiritual tools: Everything will be for you so you could tell me or I will pick what I intuitively feel is best for you to have as your way to truth.


Psychic readings, Oracle guidance, Tarot readings

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