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About my services

I'm a twinflame psychic empath who reads tarot, palms, astrology and numerology. I also specialize in relationship, love readings especially twinflames/ soulmates/ karmics as well as mentoring/coaching. please note, I do give time frames but that can change due to free will and obstacles. further I do not sugarcoat at all, I'm blunt and most negative reviews are from people who didn't want to hear or disagreed with what I picked up on even if it was past related, it's still the truth and within the person energy field. If you are only looking for me to tell you what you want to hear then I am not for you!! I tell you what I feel and see, which can be different from other advisors. I have thousands of positive reviews, not just on here but in my own group, my business page as well and other online platforms as I am self employed, full time doing readings daily!! I'm not always on here or available, please ask to be notified or send me a nudge to come on. I work full-time and I'm only on here or available occasionally. I took over a year off for personal reasons.


Palm readings, Love readings, Tarot readings

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