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READ BEFORE REQUESTING A READING: PLEASE ACTUALLY READ THIS BEFORE REQUESTING A VIDEO I WILL BE ABLE TO FILL YOUR REQUEST FASTER IF YOU FOLLOW THESE LIMITS NO GENERAL READINGS Due to the time limit there is a two question limit anymore than two questions will not be answered. Please actually provide you’re real name and dob, don’t expect me to just know these things, and please provide details to your situation not just ask a simple question and expect a deep answer. details help me to understand your situation better and helps me better guide you. If you only send me a video and not write a actual description with names, dobs and questions you will be asked to do so in the comments. Do NOT just send me a video. As a professional psychic reader and healer, I found within my eight years of Experience that honesty, passion and understanding is the best way to help clients find their true paths in life and to really help move on forwards. No matter the situatuion, I am able to help provide guidcanes and show understanding. I connect deeply with the client's Energy and begin to pick up on what the client is meant to do, and what is to come within their futures, and what has already came within the past. I specialize in Love, Relationship, breakups, family, and career. I can see how someone feels towards the client, what they truly desires from the, and what is to come of their relationship. I am able to help clients understand their family memebers around them as well, and offer advice to how to repair a relationship with them. I can help a client move forwards in terms of love after a bad breakup that may have left them confused, hurt and hopeless. I am able to really help them to grow within themsevles and help them see the light at the end of the tunnel. Whatever the question, or situation may be, I am here to help. 🔮 Before requesting a reading please keep in mind only two questions each request. No medical related questions will be answered as well. Video request are only a two question limit, any more will be informed that two question is the limit and only two questions will be answered. For live chat, and phone call there is no question limit as long as there is enough time to go through all your questions I will be able to answer them. Please do not ask ten questions within a very short time period and think I’ll be able to get to them all within a five min session. Video calls are the same. I offer healings as well, which removes negativity and repair any broken/block chakras.


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