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Live Readings are available from about 2am to +/- 8 am Central USA time. As soon as my internet service provider fixes their system, returning good speeds, I’ll be available all day!!! Welcome to this Spiritual Service offered with Light Love & Healing ✨ in gratitude for You! 💙 Your Guides Answer Through My UNIQUE CUSTOM SPECIFIC Tarot Spreads and Insight. “The purpose of prophesy/prediction is to show what might be changed to create a better future.” 🔮 3 minute video reading orders: 🔮 PLEASE SHARE YOUR CLEAR VOICE with a VIDEO. Link on the order form. 🔮 ONLY 1 subject, 2 SPECIFIC questions, first names & ages. NO GENERAL READINGS. Please see below for more details.* 💙 NO such LIMITS** ON 💎 LIVE READINGS! 🔹(Please be patient until your call connects.) LIVE READINGS can include: 🔹Answers to each question, as it arises in your heart and mind 🔹Your Guides’ message on the meaning and lesson of your situation 🔹Direct Transmission Energy Healing 🔹Guided Meditation to know the Source of your True Happiness LEARN TOOLS TO: 🔸Bring to action the love you feel 🔸Respond lovingly to interpersonal challenges 🔸Choose love even when stressed SAMPLE QUESTIONS: ⚡️What did your Soul and your Spirit Guide originally plan for you or yours? ⚡️What is the best he/she can be for your needs? ⚡️What is the other’s PATH TO THE HEART? ⚡️What might you do, energetically or in action which might assist to shift the situation? ⚡️ What level of Happiness/Commitment/Success is this path likely to bring? ⚡️What possibility or chance is there that “your desire” will happen? ⚡️Gain UNDERSTANDING of mixed or conflicted feelings ⚡️What MIGHT HAPPEN when NEW CHOICES are made? 💜 Unique spread created ⚡️on the spot, during your reading 💜 Truthful Readings Told Here. 💜 DEEP ⚡️INSIGHT into the human heart 💜 Gentle, compassionate tone 💜 Let’s see what is likely to happen - then find NEW CHOICES for a happier outcome. 🌝 If you receive benefit from your reading please Share a Smile. 💕 〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️ ** “NO” Limits but the following: 🚫 NO GENERAL READINGS 🚫NO readings of or about persons unknown to you 🚫NO Medical, Legal or Financial Guidance 🚫NO readings of other Psychics’ visions.
🚫NO readings of 3rd party intimacy, please. I may read what is between you and your partner - but not about others. 🚫NO questions about missing items - I loose stuff too ❌NO “What should I do” questions — Tell the outcome you are looking for. 💜 💜 💜 💜 💜 💜 💜 * 🔮 PURPLE OCEAN 3 MINUTE VIDEO READING GUIDELINES: All the above, plus * 🔮 VIDEO with VOICE of YOU & CLEAR SPECIFIC QUESTION, & no background noise, please. * 🔮 First names & ages of all concerned. * 🔮 1 Subject, Maximum 2 specific questions. * ❌ NO GENERAL READINGS. * ❌ NO TIMEFRAMES * 🔮 Ask all you wish to know in the question box, as I do not do readings in the messages section. * 🔮 👓 Please watch your reading carefully before asking a clarificatio 🔍 question. 〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️ 🙏 A Word About Feedback: Often clients tell me that my readings were different than others’ and that mine, though not what they wanted to hear, represented the truth. — So if you are needing a specific answer, please try another advisor. Peace.


Oracle guidance, Tarot readings, Relationship coaching

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