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SPIRITUAL WISDOM & INTUITIVE GUIDANCE FOR YOUR TRUE HAPPINESS 🙏💜 ⭐️ LIVE call app/wifi connection may take longer than usual, patience please. If you have already received the answer you want from another reader, please stop there. Do not ask me for confirmation of the answer you want that someone else has told you. Thank you. My work is not to tell you what you want to hear - but what your guides through my cards tell me. 💜 My work is not so much about WHAT WILL HAPPEN, as it is about how you can choose from likely possibilities. 🙏 VIDEO READINGS: FIRST NAMES, AGES, 1 CLEAR QUESTION (Not Yes/No) Please Stay Available for my Question Clarification Messages.🙏 When you understand others’ feelings and motivation, and open to your own spiritual healing, you may make more informed choices, leading toward inner peace, joy and true spiritual love. ⭐️ Let’s explore your Life’s SPIRITUAL Path ⭐️ Do you wish to hear how to move through a situation - back to your Soul-Sourced Light, Love and Joy? ⭐️ My work is to research what ALL people involved feel and what actions they May Choose, as all have free will. ⭐️ That Research is a big part of my reading work for you. ✨Intuitive Transformational Tarot 
✨Soul Sourced Spiritual Guidance 
✨Relationship & Love Wisdom 
✨Energy Healing 
✨Seeing SUBTLE energies of Human Nature & SOUL Level Intentions 
✨Gentle Nurturing Voice & Heart 
✨Over 43 years Professional Experience 

⭐️ PLEASE choose a question or focus for your reading and share 
 ⭐️ Unique spread created ⚡️on the spot for your Truthful Honest Reading. 
💜 My work is to find and answer your deepest question. I may ask for details to find the root of that question.
 💜 Answers may come in percentages of possibility rather than firm yes/no, due to people’s mixed feelings and/or free will shifts. 
⭐️Let’s “read” what is likely to happen - then find NEW ACTION/CHOICES for a happier outcome. 
💜 💜 💜 💜 💜 💜 💜 

SAMPLE QUESTIONS ⚡️What did your Soul and Spirit Guide originally plan for you? ⚡️Your Guides’ message for meaning & lesson of this situation ⚡️What is the best he/she can be for your needs? ⚡️What might you do, energetically or in action which might assist to shift the situation? ⚡️ What level of Happiness/Commitment/Success is this path likely to bring? ⚡️What possibility or chance is there that “your desire” will happen? ⚡️What is the path to the desired outcome? ⚡️What MIGHT HAPPEN when NEW CHOICES are made? ⚡️For “What should I do” questions — Please share the outcome you hope for. We can ask “What is the path to that outcome? 
💜 💜 💜 💜 💜 💜 💜 
🔮 Specific Questions Please NO GENERAL READINGS, NO messages from “deceased” as I am not a Medium. NO readings of other Psychics’ visions. 
NO details of 3rd party intimacy or infidelity please. 
NO questions about missing items - I loose stuff too. ⭐️ Ask all you wish to know during the session, as I do not do readings in the messages section. 
💜 💜 💜 💜 💜 💜 💜


Dream analysis, Tarot readings, Love readings

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