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🚫⚠️🚫Please Read 🚫⚠️🚫 ______🎊Welcome All 🎊_______ Hey there👋🏽:-) I specialize in non-judgmental love and relationships psychic readings . All matters of the heart , your person of interest feelings, intentions and identify any obstacles that may be hindering your connection. I will provide clarity on the outcome of your love connection. Keep an open mind to receive the truth when requesting a reading with me. I provide accurate and straightforward insight. 🧿WILL YOU RECONCILE? 🧿WHAT ARE THEIR INTENTIONS? 🧿REVELATIONS OF YOUR OBSTACLES AND BLOCKAGES IN YOUR ROMANTIC CONNECTION. —🌀Love and Relationships🌀— 🧿I ask that you come into the reading session with an open mind to hear the truth. I offer guidance on how you can maneuver your love connection. I am straight forward and deliver messages from my guides with care. 🧿I conduct readings once there is a person of interest. No general readings. Come ready with a name and dob. 🧿Clarity on ONE person of interest per session. 🧿When you choose me as your reader please remember I am reading on your situation and the outcome. I am in no way responsible for the actions of your bf/poi actions before the final outcome. 🧿I will read on a connection where your are directly involved and not other people's relationships. :-) ATTN: 🧿You have freewill. 🧿 Clear your emotions before starting a reading with me. 🧿Allow predictions time to manifest. 🧿Keep an open mind to hear the truth. ⚠️REMINDER: I do not conduct general readings because there may be predictions which go against purple ocean/garden policies. Eg. Health issues, legal issues, pregnancy etc ⚠️REMINDER: Only TWO clarifying questions in the comment section. NO new questions. Having respect for spirit is important, abusing the comment section is not only offensive to spirit but will have consequences. I will answer your clarifying questions in a timely manner- lines may be busy so please wait for a response. ⚠️Open ended statements are not questions ⚠️ 🚫NO TIMEFRAMES or questions related to TIME 🚫, PREGNANCY/MEDICAL OR LEGAL/DIVORCE (COURT) ADVICE OF ANY KIND. NO DISCUSSION OF SPELLS OR WITCHCRAFT.🚫


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