Nicole Heart

Love Specialist And Life Coach
17.8h average response
99.9% on-time delivery

About my services

Hello πŸ‘‹πŸ» My name is Nicole. I specialize in love and relationships and have been reading for others over 10 years. My aunt was the biggest influence I had growing up. She really taught me how to use my gift to help others. And encourage them on right path. She taught me how sensitive choices can be for people. And how critical it can be if you make the wrong choice. I want to help you understand all the choices you have. And outcomes of those choices. I have a few different tools that I really enjoy using with my readings. I use tarot cards, numerology, and crystals to look into your aura along with using your energy to see what the universe has in store. I focus more so on energy readings. And my personal favorite reading would be past life.


Psychic readings, Tarot readings, Love readings

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