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About my services

🧡 FAST TYPER - Quick and detailed responses using speech to text technology 🧡 MULTIPLE SPIRITUAL SYSTEMS USED 🧡ACCURATE TIMELINES & PREDICTIONS 🧡 20 + YEARS - Reading since age 12 🛑NO READINGS ABOUT🛑 🧡 GENERAL READINGS 🧡 HEALTH 🧡 LEGAL ISSUES (including child custody and child support) 🧡 PREGNANCY GENDER PATERNITY 🧡 IF YOU OR ROMANTIC TARGET ARE ENGAGED OR MARRIED 🧡DRUG & ALCOHOL ISSUES🧡THIRD PARTY SITUATIONS ( If your romantic target is involved with other people I will not look into any aspect of their relationship. I will only look into their connection with you)🧡 DREAM INTERPRETATION & ANALYSIS.🧡 ONLY ONE ROMANTIC POTENTIAL PER READING (No predictions on multiple romantic potentials or "Who is better" readings.).🧡 MUST HAVE COMMUNICATIVE RELATIONSHIP CURRENTLY OR IN PAST (No readings about someone you know in passing / had one or two conversations with. You need to know the POI on a personal level)🧡 MUST HAVE OPEN COMMUNICATION PATHWAYS WITH POI (You cannot have them blocked everywhere or have a deactivated account anywhere then ask me when and how they're going to get a hold of you.) 🧡ROMANTIC POI MUST NOT BE INCARCERATED🧡 I ONLY LOOK INTO THE SAME TOPIC ONCE EVERY 7 DAYS (Please do not attempt to contact me every single day about your situation not changing or wanting updates)🧡 LOVE READINGS MUST HAVE POI ( I do not do who is my next lover or who is my soulmate readings) 🧡 Your PERSONAL, IN-DEPTH and ACCURATE readings are UNIQUELY and EXCITINGLY delivered using several cartomancy systems ( Tarot, Oracle, Lenormand and I Ching). 🧡 INTUITIVE ENERGY READER - The tools I use provide me with keywords and phrases to make intuitive messages and give you the answers to your burning questions 🧡 I WORK WITH SITUATIONS QUESTIONS & ENERGY. 🦋I give my truth seekers clarity and guidance through explanations of their situations and any relevant background information. 🦋After connecting please explain what's going on right now and what questions you had about it.


Love readings, Oracle guidance, Tarot readings

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