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Hello! Welcome to my profile! 🌟 In my readings, I will work mostly with the Intuitive Guidance, which means that will be channeling information from Spirit.Β Currently, I am not working with Tarot or any other cards. β˜€οΈ I only work with questions and context, I don't do general readings. I don't do any "guessing work", that is not what my work is about. πŸ’— I understand that nobody comes to a reading to walk away feeling worse and I will do my level best to be kind and convey my readings with empathy for your situation, providing as much clarity as I can. πŸ§™ I will need as much context as possible. The more context I have, the easier it is to connect with your situation and also to make sense of the information I get from Spirit. I can't control, direct or choose the information that comes from Spirit. 😍 Please, explain the situation to me as you would to a friend. The more information you provide, the more relevant the reading will be. The information on the Tarot cards and coming from Spirit is not necessarily crystal clear, and I need the context on the situation to translate and interpret the advice I will pass along to you. DISCLAIMER: βœ… By ordering a reading from me you agree to come with an open heart, seeking the truth rather than what you would like to hear. You are in charge of your own choices and it would be highly unethical to take it out on me with a bad review without first addressing any concerns and doubts with me in the comments section. βœ… I only work with specific questions, I don't do general readings. βœ… I need names and context on the situation you are asking about, as well as what is your connection with the people mentioned. βœ… I will only read on reasonable situations. If you haven't spoken to them in 20 years, or have them blocked on all channels it is not reasonable to ask if they will contact you over the next few weeks, for example. βœ… I will not read on cheating/infidelity/disloyalty for new clients. This is not a subject to be talked about lightly in a 5min reading. Nevertheless, will read about it if we’ve worked together over time and I am comfortable in my grasp of your situation. βœ… In Purple Ocean orders I only have time to read on one question or about one person of interest, for the video can only have a maximum of 3 minutes. βœ… I don't do mediumship(I don't work with messages from people or pets who have passed away) nor do I read on celebrities/public persons. βœ… I will only provide timeframes if they are made available to me, it doesn't always happen. βœ… I won't read on pregnancy, health, investments or legal matters. βœ… New questions will require a new order. I might answer up to 2 clarifying questions after an order. This courtesy is not for new questions, but rather to ensure you have clarity on the reading you just got. This is a courtesy I might grant, not an obligation. And it might take time for me to answer depending on how many pending orders I have or if I logged off right after delivering your reading, but I will answer you. βœ… If I don't feel the connection I reserve myself the right to forward you to support so they can handle your order. I’d do that ouf of honesty so I only service the clients I can best help.


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