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Rhiannon uses tools such as tarot, oracle to assist clients with lifes most important questions. She gives fast information and is super ACCURATE! No specific health or legal questions 🚫 No general guidance readings 🚫 No "what does our future hold"🚫 Specific questions only! the more specific the question the more detailed your reading will be💜 1 question only for 5 min or less on live readings. you can't expect a complex situation to be revealed in 5 min or less. if you have a sticky or complex problem I truly recommend at least 10 min. 2 questions limit on PO 3min video readings. Tryouts clients: I will not answer any questions or comments left after our live tryouts session. With all due respect, if you've just had 5 minutes of my time for free, please book additional time if you want to ask more questions or continue our conversation. All other readings, follow up responses will be provided IF and WHEN time allows. I'm a very busy advisor, please remember other readings come 1st. If you need additional information or clarity, please book more time. callers who hang up early on chat, video, or voice call and try and ask questions in the follow up section, will be ignored. People who are rude or impatient leaving messages like ??? or Hello?? will be ignored. Clients who leave positive reviews will absolutely have priority over other clients. 💜


Oracle guidance, Relationship coaching, Tarot readings

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