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❓Are You Ready for the Truth❓ ❗Your Choices Effect Reality ❗ 🙏Namaste and welcome beautiful soul. Thank you for choosing me as your advisor! Please know that I am straight forward & blunt giving you answers to your relationship questions. YOU MUST BE READY to ACCEPT what the messages of YOUR ASTROLOGICAL CHART, my Guides & Cards Tell Me & My INTERPRETATION. I answer your questions and COACH you so that you can find greater happiness especially in situations that are challenging! 1️⃣Topic per Reading!1️⃣ Please focus on only one Topic at a time! do not ask me about love and career in the same question choose one for your first video If ordering in Rush mode! for live conversations on purple Garden I am happy to begin with one topic and then continue to the next! 👇PLEASE READ THIS 👇 ⚠️WARNING⚠️ EXPECTATION is a Recipe for DISAPPOINTMENT ⚠️ ⚠️YOU HAVE FREE WILL! To understand me and my work with you I need you to REMOVE THE WORDs WILL I? from your questions. ⚠️If you are not able to take responsibility for your choices⚠️ in actions, ⚠️ I suggest that you look for a different advisor!⚠️ Do want to break free of past patterns and initiate the changes you have been craving in all of your relationships including personal, family, work, and with yourself? Please be ready for the feedback I give you. my guides do not pull any punches when it comes to initiating change for you! Let's get something out of the way right now! I am NOT a fortune teller! Your astrological chart does INDEED show the highest potentials as do my Tarot cards however, it is up to you to follow the guidance through❗Therefore, I could see great potential and you could miss the opportunities or not put enough work in❗I could see challenges and with my coaching and suggestions you are going to learn how to navigate and negotiate through them. If you are seeking black and white answers or imagining that life hits you from the side and that you are not responsible for what is happening, please choose a different advisor! With full astrological analysis answers to your questions of timing, location and vocation. Please read on for requirements for Astrology. 🌟❤️VERY IMPORTANT! YOU MUST READ ALL OF MY INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE ORDERING A READING WITH ME!❤️🌟 💜I am available on Purple Ocean & Purple Garden💜 ⏰⏳TIMING📆⏰ I ONLY Answer this with FULL ASTROLOGY Data. MUST INCLUDE: Date, Time, & Location. Every 4 minutes on Earth equals 1 degree in space out of the possible 360 degrees of an astrological chart. If you are giving me a guess as to time of birth then you are not receiving a clear and accurate astrological consultation! Be sure to give me accurate information. ♈♉♊♋♌♍♎♏♐♑♒♓ 3 THINGS NEEDED for Astrology Analysis: Date: MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM Location of your Birth spelled correctly with the Town or City name and Country, the Province or State, and the Country. ⚠️If you do not have this information I cannot answer questions on🕰️Timing or 🧭Location. Life is how you planet! Keep looking up, the stars are here to guide you and I am your Navigator. 🔭 🌟I AM Accurate, Clear, Concise and answer all of your questions. I was born Psychic, and have been advising people since 1977 with Astrology. As a relationship expert I have appeared on TV and written for newspapers and magazines. I give you proactive advice and guidance that gets you on the path of happiness. You must have 3 questions and the First Names of everybody involved in your questions. 🌟❤️⚠️I give you the truth—be prepared to accept it.❤️🌟 🖐️💥WARNING! I am straight forward and direct! I will not tell you what you want to hear—I tell you what I see and receive in messages energetically. If you don't like what you HEAR, that is not an invitation to say I did not connect!💥✋Nor is it a reason to leave a negative comment. ❤️⚠️PLEASE REALIZE! We all have FREE WILL. I give you the strongest potentials. There is no guarantee! You and all of the other people involved in your questions have FREE WILL! I am giving you feedback in the present moment. The mind is powerful and things change as soon as feelings are involved. Situations are definitely changing as soon as we speak about them. UNDERSTAND that we create what we perceive as the reality we imagine around us. YOU MUST TAKE RESPONSIBILITY! I am happy to teach you about Tarot and Astrology, ask ME for a Lesson. RELATIONSHIPS I am a relationship counselor and coach. I often assign exercises, books to read and suggest videos to seek out and watch. You must be willing to do the homework I give you in order to manifest the changes you crave. ❤️🥇🏆❤️THE BEST—It is my intention to give you the best advice possible. Be willing to accept it even if it is not what you thought you were looking for. I am happy to send you Reiki. Call me on Video chat if you want me to Chant for you. ❤️🧡💜MULTIPLE CATEGORIES—I am happy to address several categories in a single session. Please choose one at a time. Please consider this when choosing the length of our session! ☀️BE CLEAR☀️—I appreciate you being honest with me and with yourself!❤️ 💞LOVE INTERESTS💕—Be honest with me. If you are interested in someone and they have no idea who you are or you have never spoken to them—tell me!💖 🌩️🌧️BREAK UPS: If you are wanting to reconcile with a past love interest be clear with me when the last time you saw them and or spoke to them was. Exes are exes for many reasons! 💥 💞MANIFESTING A MATE💕—You must be willing to change you! It is essential that you approach this topic in this way with me. I have many tools for you to shift your energy field so that you attract the absolute best into your life!💖 💼CAREER📝—Are you seeking a new job or a career change? Be clear with me about all of your options. I give you the pros and cons of each: One at a time. ⚖️DECISIONS🗝️—I will not make your decisions for you! You have FREE WILL and I will not interfere with it. I only give you the POTENTIALS & pros and cons to guide you to make your own decisions!⚖️ 🧿THIS IS NOT A GAME! Please do not play Test the Psychic with me! Please do not bring up what other psychics have told you. I respect my colleagues. 📣🌟LIFE DOES NOT HAPPEN TO US! WE MUST TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE WAY OUR ACTIONS CREATE OUR REALITIES! ‼️FOLLOW UPS—I will type out information that is important which was mentioned during our conversation. If you have further questions please add more time! I will only clarify what I discussed with you in the comments following a reading‼️ ❤️🌟I am honored that you are choosing me as your Advisor and will do my absolute best to help you gain clarity!🌟♥️ 💜Ambika


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