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Truth and coaching guidance for you in Love, Career, and Relationships. I am an Expert Astrologer as seen on TLC, The Learning Channel, 2023 Winner CEO of the Year Most Inspirational Workplace Communications Specialist from Ai Global Media. I advise you to have greater understanding of your current situation and Break-free from Past-Patterns with power-tools to activate the Law of Attraction. As your coach I show you how to improve your communication skills. I support your pivots both personal and at your workplace. I began reading Tarot in 1967 when I was seven years old and given my first deck. I am a 3rd generation psychic and healer with 47 years of experience. My university degrees include a bachelor's degree in Astrology and a Master’s degree in the Philosophy of Yoga and Meditation. As a minister I council couples and individuals in my private practice. Choose Me When You are Ready to Accept and Agree to: Stay in the present moment & let go of the idea of Fate. Each moment creates the next. There is no such thing as a guaranteed outcome. Let it go! Your Thoughts, Choices, and the Actions You take shape all outcomes as do the thoughts, choices and actions of others.. Therefor, destiny is where your past thoughts, choices, and actions have brought you. My Main Tools 🎴Tarot - I've been a professional Taroist since 1976 and reading cards since 1967. 🧭Pendulum - with this powerful tool I divine swift answers giving you percentage values of probability in your current situation. 🔢Numerology - Everything has a frequency. Names and dates can be anyized to unfold hidden meanings. 🌟Expert Astrologer🌟 For Astrology you must give me all of this data. Date, Time, and Location. Date: MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM Location of your Birth spelled correctly with the Town or City name and Country, the Province or State, and the Country. ♈♉♊♋♌♍♎♏♐♑♒♓ ⚡Reiki High Master-My Reiki training began in 1986 with Reverend Beth Gray, one of the first 27 American Reiki Masters. I became a Reiki High Master in 2002. Talking with me clears your energy. 👇Important Life Lessons👇 EXPECTATION is a Recipe for DISAPPOINTMENT. 💥Exes are X's for many reasons!💥 💜YOU HAVE FREE Will so do others! 📣LIFE DOES NOT HAPPEN TO US! Therefore, ⚠️WE MUST TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE WAY OUR Thoughts and Actions manifest our realities. 🙏REMOVE THE WORD "WILL?" and "When will?" from your questions. When you ask a question with "Will" in it, this shows you are not taking responsibility for your actions and thoughts. ⚖️I do not make your decisions for you. I help you weigh out the options. 🚫No questions about winning contests, passing test, or interviews..🚫 🚫No fantasy fairytale ideas of what you think your mate is going to look like.🚫 💞RELATIONSHIPS The idea of: Twin souls, Twin flames, and soulmates is a Myth. It is a fairytale. There is only 1️⃣Soul We are all soulmates on this planet. There is only one source one spirit, One Soul, it is GOD and we are all connected. Twin flames are difficult relationships and can only work in creative partnerships. Twin souls come from a Myth about Zeus. Ask me, I will teach it to you. I am a Minister. The contract of marriage is: A legal incorporation of property and the binding of two families. It does not guarantee love. I have been counseling couples and individuals for 47 years. We manifest people, places, and things at the perfect time to sprout the seeds of karma! I am here to help you negotiate and navigate through them. Outcomes Depend upon thoughts, choices made, and the actions taken. There is no such thing as a predetermined endpoint. I teach you to stay in the present moment! Relationship are Big Giant classrooms filled with lessons! We are responsible for everything and everyone that we manifest. 🌟❤️⚠️Please be prepared to accept the truth.❤️🌟 ☀️BE CLEAR and HONEST with me and with yourself!❤️  💞LOVE INTERESTS💕—Be honest. If you are interested in someone and they have no idea who you are or you have never me face to face—tell me!💖  🌩️🌧️BREAK UPS: If you want to reconcile with a past love interest be clear with me about the last time you saw or spoke to each other. 💞MANIFESTING A MATE💕YOU must be willing to change you! Repeat Patterns are happening due to your choices. 💼CAREER📝—Seeking a new job or a career change? Clarify your options so that I give you the pros and cons of each. DREAMS I help you unravel the mystery of images and scenes that you see in your dreams. I was a member of a dream analysis group at Temple University in the 1980s. 🧿THIS IS NOT A GAME! Please do not play Test the Psychic with me! Please do not address questions regarding what other psychics have told you. AFTER YOUR READING 👍I will type out a brief summary of important points that I want you to pay attention to. I will give you all tools I promised 🚫This is not an opportunity to ask new questions.🚫 🎖️Please honor this boundary.🎖️ 💜You are welcome to request follow up readings with any new questions. If you want to chat with me, please find me on Purple Garden for Live voice, video and chat calls.


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