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Intuitive Empath/ Tarot Reader/Clairaudient/Clairsentient
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LOVE/SOULMATE Connections!! PAST LIFE LOVE CONNECTIONS โค๏ธ - Guidance in -LOVE/RELATIONSHIPS (Are you meant for one another? Will you get married? Is he cheating?) SEX& INTIMACY LOVE TRIANGLES -CAREER - LIFE PATH -GENERAL PAST LIFE QUESTIONS A few quick rules/guidelines for a successful reading: **๐Ÿ‘‰PLEASE READ THIS PROFILE!!๐Ÿ‘ˆ* FYI: I am a tarot reader and spiritual advisor. I am an intuitive empath. I use tarot to help provide insight and clarity into life/love/career/spiritual situation and concerns. With help from spirit guides and psych training, I assist you in understanding the strengths and challenges present and what need to know to make important decisions in your area of concern. . MY GOAL IS TO EMPOWER YOU ! My style is: empathetic non-judgmental yet practical (I also have a sense of humor !) I WILL BE HONEST WITH YOU!! I will tell you what I see and feel as it's presented to me and pass on those messages of guidance from spirit. But I will NOT just tell you what you want to hear. I cannot be of any true help to you that way. Only 2 Questions per order so i can cover all the info in my 3 minute response. FOR CHAT CUSTOMERS: Please do NOT rapid-fire questions in the middle of a chat session and expect me to answer them within a couple of seconds. For each question I have to shuffle the cards meditate on the question and then give you an answer once Iโ€™ve done the card spread. I will accept 1 follow up question per order and please keep it related to the question/s i just read on. New questions require a new order. Tarot readings are a JOINT EFFORT!! Successful readings require an open line of energy and an open mind to receive guidance. Please don't ask vague or misleading questions or omit important info. Also please don't ask "gotcha" or "trick" questions. Doing so will only diminish the benefits of the reading and waste your time, my time and your money. ***Please keep in mind my abilities were tested before I was approved as an advisor for Purple Ocean. *** TIMESAVER: To speed up readings and get to specific answers please ask specific questions and also let me know BEFORE the reading what type of relationship I am looking into for you. With Tarot, context is everything. And considering our limited time together I donโ€™t have time to do in-depth readings to find out what type of relationship youโ€™re inquiring about before getting to your questions and answers. *PLEASE NO HEALTH OR LEGAL QUESTIONS* PLEASE NO โ€œWhen will I die?โ€ questions. TIMING: Keep in mind spirit doesnโ€™t experience time on the other side the way we do here. Time there is irrelevant and useless. Thus, timing questions may "predict" a time range as to when an event may take place (and i can usually get a decent estimate) but realize timing is generally the least concise part of a reading. RELATIONSHIPS: I am happy to discuss the people in your life, the condition of your relationship, and what your probable path is based on the current energy, circumstances, feelings and attitudes. We can use that information to determine what you can do to change the trajectory if you wish it to be different. - We CAN explore whether or not the person or people in question have been through other incarnations with you. If so, we can examine what blessings and challenges/blockages you both have carried over from past lives into this one.. So those are my services & guidelines. Now, let's enjoy this spiritual exploration together. I thank you so much for choosing my profile. BLESSINGS!!!!


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