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🔮psychic Liza🌙 Hello and welcome to my profile on purple Ocean. My readings are direct and in depth. I have the ability to see detailed and clear insight into your path to help guide and advise you. I offer accurate nonjudgmental advice guidance and predictions here, just truthful and honest insight and answers I answer all of life’s questions and social media questions of any kind. I’ll help you to make decisions to move forward with information of clarity to a happier life I will tell you past present and future I use many different tools in the spiritual realm to give you the most trusted and Pacific readings possible let me help you to a better tomorrow........ 🕯 ❤️ If you are confused if he or she is the one I could tell you if they are your soulmate. I can tell you when and how this person will return. If they are, I can tell you when and how you will meet your soulmate. I will Guide you to true love as well as helping you draw attention from the ones you desire. Love is a very important aspect of life and without it, we sometimes find ourselves lost in the other aspects of our life. ❤️ 💰 If you find yourself at a crossroad with work & career, my readings will direct you towards the best opportunity with the best outcome. When we miss an opportunity with our career, it can cause a constant cycle which can confuse our focus and attention and set us back which in turn can affect our timing in other areas of our life’s. 💰 🔮 As an spiritualist myself, I understand the journey of finding the right path to trust. With my spiritual direction readings, you will find yourself being able to understand your gifts, abilities, and intuition. This will help with all areas of your life because with the right direction, you will learn to trust your own guidance towards the best results! 🔮 🧿 If you find yourself facing problems of jealousy from others or people standing in your way, my readings will direct you on a path more desirable to bring forward stronger connections with others and help guide you towards better social experience 💫 ☯️ If you find yourself unbalanced of the chakras or energy centres, my readings will direct you onto a path of control which can then help you learn to heal on your own without any help from others. 🕉 ⭐️ specialize in⭐️ Tarot Card Readings Crystal Readings Ruinstones Love Readings Empath Readings Energy Balance Soulmate Connection Spiritual Callings ‼️ when you place a reading please put in your date of birth and if you’re looking to inquire about someone put in their date of birth as wall ‼️ ❗️... i’m sorry I can’t do a follow up questions sometimes because the message bar has expired ... ❗️. ♎️♍️♌️♋️♏️♐️♑️♒️♓️ 🌞 don’t settle for unhappiness let me help you to true happiness and contentment In your life with love and career and finance and more 🌛


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