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💖Professional Cardologer💚 💚Psychic Tarot Reader💖 Cardology is a system of divination or fortune-telling that is based on playing cards. It assigns meanings and interpretations to each card in a standard deck of playing cards, similar to how tarot cards are used for divination. Cardology typically involves calculating a person's birth card or life path card, which is determined by their birthdate, and using it to gain insights into their personality, life purpose, and future events. It's considered a form of cartomancy and is not widely recognized or practiced compared to more established divination methods like astrology or tarot. 💚CARDOLOGY: All I need are date(s) of birth to read for you! Example 4/27 💚TAROT: Just names of people ONLY 2 questions per video (MUST BE SAME TOPIC)


Tarot readings, Psychic readings, Love readings

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