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For Readings: 🧚🏽For video readings, PLEASE only 1 topic and 2 questions per topics. If you ask more than two, only the first two will be answered. Only ONE follow up question will be answered. E.g. love (topic) 1. Does POI love me? 2. What is POI’s thoughts towards me? 🛑Please NO 3rd party questions. If youre asking about your POI I will only answer about them. An example would be asking about your boyfriends current relationship. That is considered Spying 🧚🏽After I deliver your reading you are allowed ONE ☝🏽 follow up question. Any more than that will require an additional reading. 🛑Timeframes are tricky so I do not read for them 🛑No health questions 🛑No pregnancy questions 🛑No legal questions 🛑General Readings 🧚🏽Please have spiritual integrity when booking a reading. E.g. asking about someone you have been to numerous readers about and are still looking for an answer. At some point, spirit will cut you off and tell you what you want to hear and not the truth. So please be mindful of this when getting readings on the same topic over and over. 🧚🏽I do not need birthdates and times as I am not practicing astrology on here. Just a name will suffice. I ONLY need birthdates if requesting a CARDOLOGY reading. 🧚🏽Please do not try to test me with trick questions. My spirit can pick up on it and will shut down the reading. 💡Context is everything. While I barely need birthdays to pick up on energy and would rather you NOT to go into details, please be have integrity with your questions. If you don’t even know a person yet please don’t ask when you will get engaged or married. 🧚🏽I read for truth concerning each reading and ask that the divine infinite gives me clarity and a concise answer to questions. I do not read current energy. That being said, some of my predictions may take time to come to past.


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