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No problem is too big or too small. I am happy to help you through anything! My specialty is love & relationship readings. When you place an order with me you can expect pure honesty and clarity. It is my goal to answer each and every one of your questions to the best of my ability & provide expert advice. I will not sugarcoat anything or say only things you want to hear. I share what I see and what I feel and nothing less than that. I truly hope I see and feel what you are hoping I do, but sometimes that is not the case. I will never judge you for any question you ask. Everything that is said in our reading is 100% confidential and will not be shared with anyone else. I am so excited to be a part of your journey and able to help you see things with more clarity. It is truly an honor and I absolutely love what I do! When you enter the reading please try to have an open mind, relax and just go with the flow. I want to feel your energy as much as possible. if you are tense and have a closed mind, energies can get blocked off. 🚫I do not do readings related to medical issues, pregnancy, legal issues, lost items, missing persons, interview results, exam results or the lottery. 🚫 ‼️Please have specific questions. I connect with energies of people and situations. Your specific questions helps me know exactly what to focus the energy around‼️ ❌ I do NOT read on interview/promotion outcomes or test results. This is because there are many other energies involved in the outcome process and I am not able to connect to each individuals energy just with your name and birthday. Therefore I do not do these types of readings ❌ 🚫I will NOT tell you who is the one for you. Who you will marry etc. That is totally up to your free will. I cannot make that decision for you. I can share outcomes and energies of each and it is up to you who you would like to chose. I would be happy to help bring clarity your way in making such a decision though!🚫 📣I CANNOT tell you what your future partner will look like. How old they are. What their exact career is. What their name is. What ethnicity they are. I can only share their energy📣 🚫I cannot give you exact names, dates, numbers etc. I also cannot tell you the specific location of a person. 💖 I will always respond to messages/follow up questions. ONLY 2 FOLLOW UP QUESTIONS PER ORDER. I never ignore you. Please just understand I may not reply right away, as I have other readings coming in. I am not allowed to miss incoming calls. Also, there may be a time difference as I am in the USA. So please be patient. I have NO control over when the message box expires after our reading.💖 ⏳Timeframes will be given IF I am being shown them. Sometimes I am not shown a timeframe. Depends on what energy is showing me. However, timeframes are always fluid. Nothing is set in stone in life. Free Will can change and delay⏳ 🤔 I will NOT make decisions for you. You have free will. Which path you choose is totally up to you & you only. I am only here as a messenger to share energy. We can definitely explore the different paths and options together though to help make such decisions🤔 I am unfortunately unable to speak to those who have passed. Just not one of my gifts☹️ I am a energy reader only. I use no other tools. I am able to pick up on energies of you and the people/situations you inquire about with just a name and DOB. As well as SPECIFIC QUESTIONS.


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